‘Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie’: Five Champagne Cocktails to Celebrate

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Sweetie darlings! It’s happening. It’s really, REALLY happening! NO, no, not “Brexit.” I’m talking about the next biggest thing to happen to the UK (and the world, maybe even the universe) this year: the premiere of Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie!

That’s right, Edina and Patsy and the rest of their Absolutely Fabulous circle of friends from the beloved BBC television series are coming to the big screen in the form of a new movie and darling, we’re ready to bust out the BollyAbFab, as it’s known, first aired in 1992, and has been coming back over the years with new seasons featuring the hilarious misadventures of life-long friends Edina and Patsy, two champagne swilling, high-powered career women from the London fashion scene. Since the last season ended in 2012, we’ve been thirsty for more, but lucky for us, the film has just opened in the UK to rave reviews, and it premieres next in the US on July 22.

To help you #pregame like Edina and Patsy, we’ve compiled the best AbFab inspired Champagne cocktail recipes to help you plan your own AbFab premiere party, and sweetie, these recipes are guaranteed to get you in an absolutely fabulous mood for the movie event of the summer!

Patsy and Eddy are BACK, darlings!
Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

The French 75

Do we really need to explain this one, darlings? It has Champagne, it’s French, and has a VERY famous Parisian pedigree — Harry’s New York Bar. In other words, it’s everything Patsy and Eddy love. The French 75 is a cocktail made with gin, Champagne, lemon juice, and sugar. This combination is said to have such a kick, that it feels like being shelled with the powerful French 75mm field gun — hence the name, the French 75. Question is, would Patsy even feel that? Well, anything with a kick THAT strong sounds like it’s just what Eddy and Pats need to fuel their misadventures in Cannes in the new AbFab movie.

Fizzy French 75
Drink up, sweeties: The French 75.

The Madrosa

Darlings, what do we love almost as much as Champagne? VODKA. And guess what? You can mix them! Thank you, science, for FINALLY doing something important for a change. Meet The Madrosa, the answer to all of our premiere party prayers. The Madrosa combines Champagne, vodka, orange juice, and cranberry juice (I know, I know — all that juice taking up space in the glass that could be taken up by more bolly…Just think of it as taking your vitamin C, darling, because we all need it — especially those of us who have not eaten since 1973). The ingredients are so simple, you could even sneak it all into the movie theater in your bag and just make it right there during the opening credits. Cheers!

We are in LOVE with the Madrosa
Vodka and Champagne? YES, PLEASE

The Champagne Julep

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than the Madrosa, along comes the Champagne Julep. Darling, this drink has it all: Champagne, whiskey…actually, do I even need to go on? It has champagne and whiskey. And a little bit of mint, because darlings, a little veg never hurt anyone. Oh, sweetie, remember when the Stones played Wembley back in ’74? No? Neither do I. And I blame the Champagne Julep for that (Mick and I had a little thing back in the day but you know, that’s a story for another time, darling). Cheers!

The Champagne Julep - pure perfection
The Champagne Julep. Stiff upper lip and all that.

Lavender Champagne

Patsy and Eddy would probably prefer to forget all about their mishaps in Provence when they accidentally stayed in the servants’ quarters of a chateau they’d rented that one time, so let’s make the most of that bad situation and add some fragrant Provence lavender to our bubbly. Lavender Champagne is the perfect drink for winding down after your smashingly fun AbFab premiere party, or for an oh-so-gentle wake-up-call over brunch the morning after (but don’t worry, we won’t actually be eating any food at brunch).

Champage and lavender cocktails
Lavender infused champagne. Oui!

The Black Velvet

Darlings, even the name of this cocktail sounds like it was made for Eddy and Patsy. The Black Velvet is everything we love about classic London cocktail culture: simple, fun, and a little bit naughty. Take one part Guinness, and one part champagne, et voilà: The Black Velvet! If this isn’t the PERFECT AbFab movie tailgating drink, then I don’t know what is. Bottoms up!

The Black Velvet: Guinness and Bolly
Black Velvet, if you please...

What would cocktail time be without a little music? Quick sticks, mix up one of your faves from our list. This wheel’s on FIRE! Check out Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie in US cinemas July 22.

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