7 Best Horror Remakes to Watch This Halloween


Your fall entertainment schedule just got spookier. Are you familiar with the adage, ‘Everything old is new again’? It seems like film and TV studios have been taking this cliché to heart of late; the horror genre being no exception. So with Halloween right around the corner, we went ahead and sifted through the cash cows and muck to find the freshest remakes, reboots, and re-imaginings of horror classics. Here’s your guide to seven of the best horror movie and tv remakes to (re)watch this Halloween.

The Exorcist

We’re cheating a little with this one, since The Exorcist doesn’t air its first episode until Friday. But if the trailers are any indication of how on point this show will be (not to mention Geena Davis‘s return to horror/the hearts of America), then we are in for a treat.

Dawn of the Dead

Zach Snyder’s 2004 remake of George A. Romero‘s classic may lack the social commentary inherent in its predecessor, but could the genius that is Romero ever think of zombie babies? We didn’t think so.

Let Me In

Let Me In may be a shot-for-shot version of 2008 Let the Right One In, but thanks to some special effects and the acting of wunderkind Chloë Grace Moretz as the young Abby, this retelling speaks volumes.

The Ring

A remake of the 1998 Japanese film RinguThe Ring is a tale of a cursed VHS tape and a ghost that never sleeps. The cinematography, writing, and plot is tops, really, but will sadly forever remain dated, because do kids even know what a VHS tape is anymore?

Evil Dead

Straying as far away from camp as possible, Fede Alvarez’s rendition of Evil Dead is not for the faint of heart. This re-imagining is horror at its finest, and still manages to pay homage to the original without being a total copycat.

Piranha 3D

It’s JAWS plus sorority kids on Spring Break. Only instead of sharks, they’re man-eating piranhas. What could go wrong?

The Thing

Oh no! You thought you’d be able to get through a listicle about horror movies without seeing The Thing, didn’t you? Sorry, contrarians, but everyone is right: The Thing is the greatest horror movie of all time. Don’t watch the other, other remake of The Thing from 2011, though. There’s only one version you need to see and that’s the one with Kurt Russell.

Honorable Mention: Stranger Things

The end-all, be-all of eighties horror homages, Netflix really hit it out of the park with this year’s Stranger Things. While the show isn’t technically a remake, it’s everything you could ever want a horror TV series to be.

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Therese is a staff contributor at Fandom.