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Graham Host
TV Movies
TV Movies

Every now and again, there will be little gaps in your favorite fictional worlds. Maybe it is the way that Varys seems able to get anywhere unusually fast or perhaps how the Doctor somehow manages to get around without any money. Thankfully, the fans have spent many years developing brilliant and sometimes weird theories that can make you look at things a whole new way.

Star Trek – The Sherlock Theory

Okay, Trekkies and Sherlockians, who am I describing: proud, vastly intelligent, unusually observant, quite strong and generally emotionless. Well, that perfectly suits both Mr. Spock and Mr. Holmes. Back in The Original Series and following movie Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Spock used the line “If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth” and attributes it to one of his ancestors. Sherlock fans will recognize it as a quote from the consulting detective, first appearing in The Sign of the Four.

Although it could have come from his mother’s human side, the more likely scenario is that a lone Vulcan undertook a study of the primitive humans by blending in with them. It would explain his ‘alien’ demeanor and the deerstalker would hide those pointy ears perfectly.

Futurama – Bender Wasn’t A Criminal Until After Meeting Fry

Fans of the short-lived sci-fi series Futurama will remember the time that Bender went to live with the penguins in The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz. After getting attacked by an orca whale and thrown ashore, the robot short-circuits and resets. Surrounded by the flightless birds, Bender turns to penguin mode. Now think back to Space Pilot 3000.

Bender begins as a suicidal robot but saved from himself by Fry. Chased by the police, the duo finds themselves stuck in the Head Museum. More specifically, the Hall of Criminals. Bender refuses to bend the bars over the window to escape and turns to surrender to the police only to electrocute himself in a light fitting and reboot. Immediately after, he turns to his life of crime – having imprinted on the surrounding group of criminals.

Aladdin – The Film Is Set 10,000 Years In The Future

There isn’t a convoluted story to this theory, just some easy – and canon – numbers. The Genie mentions that Aladdin’s clothes are ‘so 3rd century’. He also makes several references to 1990’s culture. But then he mentions being stuck in the lamp for 10,000 years. That puts Aladdin in at least the year 10,300, maybe closer to 12,000.

aladdin and genie

With several thousand years of technological advancements, genetically engineered parrots and flying carpets suddenly seem a lot more possible. And with civilization coming full circle – and resources running out – humanity falls back into building with dung and sand. Heck, with Drumpf eager to use nuclear weapons, it could be Kansas as an irradiated wasteland.

James Bond – James Bond Is An Alias

Throughout the James Bond series, many faces have played the world’s best/worst secret agent. In this startling simple theory, there seems to be a reason for that – each new person is just a new agent with the same alias. This explains why other actors – like M, Q, and a few others – repeat through several Bond actors despite Bond actually changing. The reason why Bond keeps getting switched out is to remove any possible weakness – such as friend or family.

Fans of Skyfall are probably crying out about the Bond family home. But the theory evolved with the new films. Each ‘Bond’ is carefully imprinted with the identity until they believe it to be their own. That way, they can’t slip up whilst still believing ‘their’ family home is Skyfall and ‘their’ parents are Mr. and Mrs. Bond. This might sound crazy but it explains why Lazenby’s wife is referenced long into Brosnan’s reign. Yet one hole still remains – Lazenby himself. Keep scrolling.

The Rock – Sean Connery Is Playing James Bond

In The Rock, Sean Connery plays John Mason, the only man to ever escape Alcatraz and now needed by the government to break back in. But was Connery actually playing James Bond? The sixth Bond film – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – has George Lazenby play the secret agent only for Connery to reappear one last time in Diamonds are Forever. ‘John Mason’ was incarcerated after stealing the deepest secrets of the United States government. He is also English, with military training and a womanizer.

Here’s the theory – after stealing the secrets, James/John hid them in case he was caught and fled back to England to boot the usurping Lazenby from his stolen spot. Then, following the events of Diamonds Are Forever, the American government is closing in. Without much choice, MI6 burns his identity and throws him into the cold to avoid being linked to the theft. Now known as John Mason, he shuns his superiors by refusing to give them the secrets he stole. After the Yanks catch him, Mason spends his time escaping and getting caught without MI6 to help him out.

Inception – Cobb’s Real Totem

Inception is all about dreaming. Use of a shared drug allows people to share the same dream and target a person’s mind to steal information. In order to differentiate between awake and asleep, each dreamer has a ‘totem’, an inconspicuous object with a physical defect known only to the owner. After his wife dies, Cobb takes her totem as his – or does he? If you watch closely, it appears that his wedding ring actually disappears at times – making it his real totem. If you look closely at the last scene, it will reveal that he is actually…


Awake in the final scene. That is his house, those are his kids, and his record is clean. This theory makes perfect sense and gives a touching ending to the film.

Graham Host is a member of the Fan Contributor program. In his spare time, he enjoys the works of Terry Pratchett, DC Comics and a wide assortment of video games. Under no circumstances should he be fed after midnight.
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