6 Big Questions For ‘The Flash’ Season 3

Graham Host
TV Arrowverse
TV Arrowverse

The third season of The Flash begins in just over a month. With so many trailers and hints being dropped, we now know a fair amount about the upcoming season. That said, we still have a few big questions that are still standing.

How Long Will Flashpoint Last?

flashpoint Flash running

Thanks to Grant Gustin, we learned that the first episode will indeed be called “Flashpoint.”

In both DC Comics and The CW’s adaptation, the Flashpoint is the result of Barry Allen changing his own history by saving Nora Allen. For DC Comics, Flashpoint was a large undertaking that took five months to fully publish. So will CW’s Flashpoint last for only the first episode or span across several episodes? Could it actually last until the mid-season break or perhaps longer?

Alchemy: Meta-Human or Magic?

The Flash Dr Alchemy

Constantine is an honorary member of the Arrowverse. During his first appearance on Arrow, John and Oliver took on a mystical madman. Oliver also fought the duplicitous Damien Darhk with his powerful totem. But Team Flash have not yet directly encountered magic. In DC Comics, Professor Alchemy used the mystical Philosopher’s Stone to transmute objects.

The CW could finally draw the scientific side into the murky world of magic or have the Flashpoint introduce an alternative timeline villain. With the world now changed, another wave of meta-humans could spin out of the comics.

Tom Felton

On a side note, Tom Felton – famous for playing Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films – is rumored to be involved with Alchemy. Felton has been spotted around the Flash sets but no news is yet concrete. Keep an eye on Fandom for future details.

How Is Rival Being Adapted?

We’ve already seen that Rival is wearing a sharp black image for his debut instead of his comic attire. But how much difference – or similarity – can we look forward to?

Rival Flash Edward Clariss CW

Rival was originally Edward Clariss. While working at the same university as Jay Garrick, he overheard a conversation between Jay Garrick and his future wife Joan. Clariss understood enough to realise that the Flash was involved in the accident somehow but not that Garrick was the Flash. Breaking into the lab that Garrick became the Flash in, Clariss created a formula that granted him temporary super speed – Velocity 9.

Rival Flash Edward Clariss
Rival and Rival fighting Jay Garrick

Although The Flash has already reviewed Velocity 9, other worlds may have stumbled onto the same formula. There might even be a world where Velocity grants permanent speed without downsides. Or Rival could have just uncovered Velocity 9 in Flashpoint. Whichever it is, Rival is sure to make an iconic villain once more.

How Will Savitar Fit In?

Not enough to have one evil speedster, Greg Berlanti is apparently bringing in another: Savitar, Dark Lord of Speed. Although Savitar has not yet been cast, his cult may have been spotted during the recent “Time Strikes Back” trailer.

DC Comics Savitar

Savitar originally was a Cold War pilot testing a new jet. After breaking several records, the engine somehow connected Savitar to the Speed Force. Despite beginning in the Cold War, Savitar would be catapulted forward by the speedster known as Max Mercury/Quicksilver. As Quicksilver has yet to make an appearance, The CW could be setting up the arrival of a new friendly speedster in the future.

Max Mercury Jay Garrick Johnny Quick
Max Mercury (Left), Jay Garrick (Centre) and Johnny Chambers/Quick (Right)

With Savitar also heading up a cult researching the Speed Force, some evil speedsters could be introduced. Blue Trinity member, Christina Alexandrova, once joined Savitar and powered his minions with Speed Force. Despite no prior indications of Blue Trinity or Savitar appearing, Flashpoint is a game-changer. Both could jump up without warning.

What is Tom Cavanagh’s Role?

Tom Cavanagh The Flash

Season one saw Eobard Thawne impersonating Harrison Wells. Stuck in the past following the murder of Nora Allen, he replaced Wells to return home. With Barry last seen attacking Thawne and saving his mother, Wells could have lived out his life normally. With Tom Cavanagh confirmed for the third season, he could play the never-killed Harrison Wells, Earth-2 ‘Harry’ Wells, or even a completely fresh character.

What Will The Fallout Be?

New 52 DC comic Superman Batman Wonder Woman and others
The New 52 Justice League

Following the DC Flashpoint came the New 52. Instead of having several decades of history, the timeline was compacted down into a mere five years. With not even a full three seasons under its belt, Flash will probably skip that little detail. But what will the result be for seasons four and beyond?

In the Flashpoint timeline, Wally West is our new Flash and works alongside Ramon Industries with his specially-made yellow and red suit. Yet he was just an average street-racer before the timeline changed. Should time revert to normal, will that blast of energy he received in Rupture send him running again or will Flashpoint-Wally somehow join the cast?

The Flash Comic Con SDCC 2016 Panel Image 4 Kid Flash

There is also the matter of Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. From what we have seen so far, Barry and Star Labs were replaced by Wally and Ramon Industries. With all the crossovers between the shows simply replacing one Flash for another, it appears that all will be well. That said, Zoom and Jay apparently traveled in time themselves. How will the matter resolve itself on Earth-2 and beyond?

There is a lot of potential for the third season of The Flash and The CW hasn’t disappointed us. That said, Rival is a classic character and has yet to be pulled into the limelight. With the Velocity plot already used, Berlanti will have to take a firm approach to the subject that doesn’t recycle material and make him look re-used. The Flash will resume on Tuesday, October 4.

Graham Host is a member of the Fan Contributor program. In his spare time, he enjoys the works of Terry Pratchett, DC Comics and a wide assortment of video games. Under no circumstances should he be fed after midnight.
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