Five Ways The Marvel Cinematic Universe Might Go After “Phase 3”

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Movies Marvel

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will get their first taste of “Phase 3” this May when Captain America: Civil War hits theatres.  However, fans are already wondering what we will get in “Phase 4” after “Phase 3” concludes. Here are 5 ways Marvel may go.

Note: There may be spoilers but these are just predictions

Keep Doing What They Are Doing


Although not every character will make it out of Infinity War alive Marvel will still have their current universe. Since they have many characters and franchises established like Spider-Man and the Ant Man franchise over the past 10 years and that the fact that new characters will continue to come, the easiest route Marvel can go is to continue to establish these characters and franchises as well as make new movies out of new characters since it has worked out well so far.

Reboot The Universe 


Marvel’s contracts with some of the actors like Robert Downey, Jr. will be expiring after Infinity War so unless the actors renew it they will lose some of their top characters like Iron Man. They wouldn’t want to lose one of their title characters so the only way to get them back is to reboot the character needing the reboot the universe creating a new “Phase 1” which would act has a “Phase 4”. If they don’t want to reboot the entire universe of films they can use a different actor to play the character and follow the route of the comics and “reinvent” the character so people don’t get made they replaced the actor and to continue to have that character in the Marvel universe.

Add Mostly New Characters 


Marvel has many undeveloped movies. One of the more popular undeveloped movies is the Runaways. If they add new characters / franchises to the universe like the Runaways they can keep some of their old franchises that are still popular but also add new characters keeping the fans happy as there are movies and expanding the universe. Also, they have many rights to many characters that they haven’t used yet so if they do mostly new characters it would be a great way for them to introduce these characters.

Mix The TV Shows With Movies 


Marvel has many popular Netflix shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones (and 3 more Netflix shows on the way) which are are so popular in fact that Jessica Jones has been renewed for another Season and Daredevil‘s second Season just arrived on Netflix. They also have some popular shows on ABC like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter. They also have a lot of new shows on the way like Most Wanted and Damage Control.  If Marvel is wondering what they should do or what fans want they should create movies following the characters. If fans can watch the whole Season in one day or watch the shows on ABC over the course of many months it shows they are popular enough and could be movies as long as they do them in the same style to keep fans happy.

Crossover With The Fantastic Four 


Fox currently has the rights to the Fantastic Four. That may true but after an unsuccessful reboot of the franchise and Marvel Television currently in production of X-Men related TV Shows rumours have been going around that Fox may have done a deal with Marvel much like the Sony deal where Marvel helps Fox make Fantastic Four films and in turn the movies take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They can also use the characters in their films. Due to the fact that currently there is no Fantastic Four comic (although some of the characters are appearing in other comics) and the bad reception of the last movie it is possible the public doesn’t want Fantastic Four so Fox might want to get rid of the property and then Marvel will want to pick it up making this even more possible.

There are many more ways that the universe can go. Only time will tell what happens in “Phase 4”.

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