Five Villains We Can’t Wait to See in AMC’s ‘Preacher’

Andrew Hawkins

This weekend marks one of the most highly anticipated television premieres for fans of DC Vertigo comics. AMC will debut Preacher this Sunday and fans of the original comic are looking forward to seeing the story of Jesse Custer on screen. Preacher is an epic tale of a man and his friends as they hunt down God. Along his travels, Jesse and his companions come across a gallery of sinister figures. Our biggest question right now is whether AMC’s Preacher will feature the villains we know and despise.

Along with all of the moments we want to see, we have compiled a list of the top bad guys to look out for in the new show. We’ve already met the new Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy, but as of right now we have only the slightest idea of what villains are going to be coming our way from the comics. Already, Arseface has been revealed and Jackie Earle Haley will be playing one of the show’s biggest heavies, but with all of the speculation surrounding the new series there are way more questions than there are answers to at this point. If AMC’s Preacher stays true to the story told in Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s epic comic, we have a lot of crazy stuff to look forward to. Some of these bad guys are brutal and some are just gross, but all of them play a huge role in this tale and we’re looking forward to seeing each and every one of them regardless of just how mean they might be.



Odin Quincannon is easily one of the most disturbed and twisted of the entire gallery of Preacher villains. A vile, despicable, manipulative and very dangerous little man, Quincannon poses a huge threat to Jesse Custer. The Meat Man, as he is grossly referred to, is a creep and sociopath who at the drop of a hat will destroy everything and everyone around him to get what he wants. We already know that this character will be played by veteran actor Jackie Earle Haley, but just how far down the rabbit hole he will go into this character has yet to be seen.

The Allfather


There are very few grosser figures in the entirety of Preacher than the Allfather. The massive and disgusting character known by the name D’Aronique is a gluttonous and cruel figure in Jesse’s story. His motives are manipulative and if he had his way, he would rule the world under the guise of religion. Not only are his gross eating habits enough to churn any stomach, the Allfather’s plot to control the bloodline of Christ is one of the most intolerable plots of the whole story.

Herr Starr


A former member of the Allfather’s army known as The Grail, Starr is a psychotic German zealot who targets Jesse. Herr Starr is accompanied by his private team of agents who follow his lead until madness and multiple failed attempts at defeating our heroes take their toll. Starr is ruthless, deranged, perverse and possibly one of the character’s who gets his just desserts worse than anybody else.

Jesse’s Family


When we first meet Jesse’s family in the comics, the backwoods roughnecks Jody and T.C. kidnap our preacher along with Tulip. Jesse’s grandmother Marie L’Angelle is an oppressive witch of a woman who through her two enforcers, managed to destroy the Custer family entirely. Jody is a hardcore killer who is as tough as it gets, and T.C. is a rabid dog. These are characters who hide a huge secret for the story and quickly make Jesse and Tulip’s life a living Hell.

The Saint of Killers


The Saint of Killers is no joke. Mean and coldhearted, the Saint used to be a regular family man in the post-Civil War old west. When his family was murdered by a band of thugs, he attempted to seek revenge and got himself killed. Hell couldn’t handle the hate he held in his heart, so God decided to make the Saint a harbinger of death. There’s no one nearly as brutal as the Saint of Killers in the entire Preacher story and he could arguably be the most important character of all.

Have a look at some of our additional coverage below and get ready to spend your weekend anticipating Sunday night. Preacher is coming and man, we can’t wait.

Andrew Hawkins
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