5 Things We’d Like To See In The Next ‘Clash of Clans’ Update

Ryan James

Clash of Clans recently released its Builder Base update, and fans of the incredibly popular mobile game seem pretty happy with the massive amount of new content. One article even went so far as to call it “pretty much Clash of Clans 2“.

This update was hinted at when a broken boat appeared on the beach of a player’s village. Now the ship has been repaired, and it leads to an entirely new base and loads of new content.

broken boat builder update clash of clans

We appreciate that developer Supercell has blessed us with this bounty of new stuff (especially the new one-on-one battle mode), but we’re greedy. There are still quite a few features we’d like to see in a future update. Here are five things fans would like to see in the (hopefully near) future.

1. Daily Quests

Mobile games thrive when there’s a reason to return to them day after day. Clash of Clans is still incredibly popular, so it doesn’t exactly need a ton of help in that department. Still, we need some incentive to return to the game every day. Give us a unique quest, extra loot, or rare items and ensure the user base remains engaged.

2. Weather Effects

Granted, things like weather effects don’t have to affect gameplay at all, but don’t they look cool? We think so. They would also aid in making the game more immersive and encourage even more engagement from players! You could even make different weather effects unlockable via gems or through in-game purchases! And of course, a night mode would be awesome too.

3. Search Function For Clanless Players

How great would it be to be able to search among the millions of Clash of Clans players and enlist them to join a clan? ‘Search and recruit’ is a feature we’d LOVE to see implemented at some point. Perhaps with the ability to filter based on a minimum number of trophies or experience points.

4. Heroes Usable In Wars While Upgrading

The ability to use heroes while upgrading has long been requested by Clash of Clans players and has not yet been ruled out by Supercell. Players are so passionate about this feature that they’ve even started a petition for it on the Supercell forums!

5. Rewards For Leveling Up

As it currently stands, there’s no great benefit to leveling up in the game. You get some cool decorations, but that’s about it. But how awesome would it be if every time you achieved a new level in the game, you received some elixir or gold? We think this would be an excellent feature and it seems fans agree as this is hugely in-demand on the Supercell forums as well.

What do you think? Anything you’d like to see in the next Clash of Clans update? Add your suggestions over on the Clash of Clans wiki!

Check out the trailer for the most recent update below!

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