5 Things I Learned From the Red Carpet

Corey Denis

Red carpet interviews are all about fashion. Most people watch to see who has the best dress, but not me. I watch to see how many jokes the internet can make at once, while my friends and I sit around in our pajamas eating too much food. But tonight, something changed, and I learned a few interesting facts while watching the red carpet interviews.

1. Scarlett Johansson Is Good At Everything, Even Throwing Shade

Ryan Seacrest asked Black Widow about her shoes, and it didn’t go very well. Without pause, Scarlett Johansson told Ryan Seacrest it was a “ridiculous question” and she almost broke the internet.

2. Octavia Spencer Is A Real Superhero

Ryan Seacrest may have gotten serious shade from Scarlett Johansson for asking ridiculous questions, but when Octavia Spencer approached him, he got it right.

Ryan Seacrest, to Octavia Spencer: I saw also that you bought out some theaters and created an opportunity for some families in LA to see the movie

Octavia Spencer: Well, I’m from very, very humble beginnings, and this is a story I think young kids need to see. And sometimes when you have a child or more than one child, it’s just not feasible to be able to buy movie tickets. So, I just wanted to do something to pay it forward. And I didn’t realize my castmates were all feeling the same way, so we all did it at different times. It was just one of those things that I felt compelled to do.

Octavia Spencer was nominated for for Best Actress In a Supporting Role for ‘Hidden Figures’ as mathematician Dorothy Vaughan. She didn’t win, but she’s always a winner to me.

3. Halle Berry Reads Books From Bed & Posts Them On Instagram

Maybe I’m the last to know, but Halle Berry started a legit book club on Instagram, and Ryan Seacrest asked her about it on the red carpet. She laughed, and mentioned she’s currently reading a book on child care. Not my kind of book, but I love a good movement. Halle Berry uses the hashtag #HBbooksfrombed, and a few hundred fans have started to do it too, qualifying her as a founder of her very own book club. When the Oscars (and The Walking Dead) are over tonight, I’ll join her*.

4. Naomie Harris Filmed Her “Moonlight” Role In 3 Days

…Because she couldn’t get a Visa. Naomie Harris is from the U.K. and had trouble getting a visa to come film in the U.S.

“I couldn’t get a visa to come film here, so that was a problem,” she explained. “But I’m so glad it worked out, the very last minute, they waited for me.”

And, apparently I’m the last to know this piece of news, too. The Tweet below is dated January 29, 2017.

5. The Red Carpet Isn’t Just Fashion. SRSLY.

Fashion on the red carpet isn’t my bag. But, it turns out the red carpet is about more than just fashion, when the right questions are asked. Thanks to E! News on the red carpet tonight at the Academy Awards, I learned a little more, and found out what I missed.

*UPDATE: I Joined Halle Berry’s Book Club

Corey Denis
Corey lives in San Francisco, where she enjoys teaching herself Dothraki & playing too much Hearthstone.
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