5 Things We Learned About ‘Aquaman’ From Jason Momoa’s Instagram

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The Aquaman movie, starring Jason Momoa, officially starts shooting this week. We already know a bit about it, but expect even more glimpses now that filming has begun. Many of those behind-the-scenes looks will surely come from Momoa himself who has already treated fans to Aquaman sneak peeks on social media. Here’s everything we’ve heard about Aquaman from Jason Momoa’s Instagram:

Jason Momoa will look awesome climbing stuff.

Sure, there are stuntmen required for the extremely dangerous action scenes. But Jason Momoa seems like the kind of dude who performs a lot of his own stunts. Above, Momoa climbs an artificial rock wall that his climbing coach installed for him. What? You don’t have a climbing coach?

Temura Morrison will play Momoa’s on-screen dad.

In the pic above, Momoa hugs actor Temura Morrison who he cites as one of his childhood acting idols. Morrison, best known for playing Jango Fett in the Star Wars prequels, is cast as Aquaman’s human father in the movie. He recently voiced Chief Tui in Disney’s Moana.

Jason Momoa will perform feats of physical strength.

Momoa is already a pretty strong guy, but he’s got to keep pushing himself in order to be the ultimate undersea badass in Aquaman. The man that’s going to get him there is former WWE star Mada Abdelhamid who is currently Momoa’s top trainer. He also makes crazy faces (see above).

Patrick Wilson plays the villain.

Patrick Wilson doesn’t really look a lot like Jason Momoa, but they two are half-brothers in the movie. But don’t expect the kind of bro-time seen in the picture above. Wilson plays Orm, the bad guy in the movie and Aquaman’s rival for the Atlantean throne.

Jason Momoa will look awesome no matter what.

Here’s a picture Momoa posted of his character from the upcoming Justice League movie. His costume for the Aquaman solo movie could be a little different, but we’re pretty sure he’s going to look like the ultimate badass no matter what the costume looks like.

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