Five Things to Do First in ‘Fallout 4: Far Harbor’

Doug Trein
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Games Fallout

Far Harbor is the third downloadable content pack for Fallout 4. A young girl has mysteriously disappeared and the Valentine Detective Agency takes the case. The girl has ventured out to sea towards the island known as Far Harbor. The secluded island is overrun with dangerous creatures and an ominous fog. With a brewing conflict between the inhabitants, the Sole Survivor must act quickly to save the island and its settlers.

Far Harbor is a sprawling landmass that will require a good amount of exploring to discover its treasures. Want to conquer all of the horrors of the island? Accomplish these five things early on and you’ll be the captain of the Far Harbor in no time!

Pick Your Side

Fallout 4: Far Harbor features a brand new story campaign that centers around a growing conflict between several factions on the island. The settlers of Far Harbor, watched over by Captain Avery, are at odds with the Children of Atom. The radioactive cult has established a home on the island and their new leader has begun to mobilize against the townsfolk. Right in the middle, you’ll find Acadia. This synth haven is run by DiMA, a century-old synth that wishes to bring peace to the island via his own means. Choose your side carefully!

Get a Harpoon Gun

The new radioactive creatures of Far Harbor can be a real pain to deal with. To even the odds, pick up a Harpoon gun as quickly as possible. Once you arrive in Far Harbor, pick one up from the weapon merchant Allen Lee. While the rate of fire on the harpoon gun is low, a single harpoon packs a huge punch and each shot has a high chance to stagger enemies. There is also a high chance of reclaiming harpoons from dead enemies to replenish your ammo reserves. Not to mention, it’s an absolute blast to use!

Establish Your Settlement

Creating your first settlement on Far Harbor is quite important, giving you a place to rest and store all of your new items. For those looking to create a base as soon as possible, complete the quest “Blood Tide” from Cassie Dalton. You can find her seated near the entrance to The Last Plank. Her quest line requires you to clear out enemies in different areas of the island. Once you complete the second stage of her quest, you’ll unlock a new settlement at Dalton Farm. The settlement is located at the northern tip of the island. It overlooks the coastline and is a serene place to establish your base of operations!

Collect Island Almanacs

A new type of magazine is introduced in Far Harbor called The Islander’s Almanac. Far Harbor is a strange place, and collecting these booklets will provide some bonuses to help. By collecting the first, you’ll unlock point-of-interest markers on the map. Collecting the second reduces incoming radiation damage by 10%. Collecting the third allows you to craft Sludge recipes at Chemistry Stations. Sludge recipes grant increased stats the more radiation your character has. You can find the first three Almanacs in The Last Plank, Acadia, and Brooke’s Head Lighthouse.

The Captain’s Dance

The islanders initially distrust the player once they arrive on the island. Most of them believe that mainlanders bring nothing but trouble. To help get the town on your side, Teddy Wright suggests that the player performs “The Captain’s Dance.” Accept the questline “Rite of Passage” from Teddy and go to the northwestern point of the island.  Throw meat into the water to draw out droves of deadly Mirelurks. Once you dispatch a Queen Mirelurk, return to Far Harbor and the townsfolk will welcome you with open arms. This will unlock more available quests from the townsfolk, including Mitch and Small Bertha, and grant you a unique Captain’s Hat to wear!

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