5 Things to Expect From ‘The Maze Runner’ Prequel ‘Fever Code’

Kitty Bates

The Fever Code is the latest book from YA author James Dashner. This new addition to the exciting Maze Runner book series is set in the few years preceding the first book. For fans of the series, The Fever Code has been a long anticipated book, with the rest of the series leaving fans with many questions. The prequel book looks to be an excellent and informative extension to what is an already gripping and action-packed series. With Thomas having no memories or recollection of what has happened before, we take a look at what could be in store for the next instalment in The Maze Runner books.

Why Was Newt Chosen?


In the excerpt that came out ahead of its release, the book is told from Newt’s perspective. This will give us an insight into what happened to him in his childhood. It shows his life after the sun flares but before WICKED (World In Catastrophe, Killzone Experiment Department) arrived. This is the first time in the Maze Runner series that we see the core group of characters. It also looks like it has a different point of view than the rest of the books which are solely told from Thomas’s perspective. With the story coming from Newt, this will give us a fuller insight into a complex and detailed character.

How Did Newt Get His Limp?

This is one of the lesser-known but more controversial moments in the series as it is one of the founding moments in Thomas and Newt’s relationship. In chapter 55 of The Death Cure, we have an inkling as to why Newt got his limp, but hopefully, there will be more information. This has long been a subject of fan theories and fan fiction as everyone ships ‘Newtmas’ (Newt and Thomas). There is one fan theory that claims that Thomas broke up with Newt and then Newt tried to kill himself. Crazy, I know!

Who Are Group B?

All we know is that Group B are all girls and one boy. The blurb says we will eventually find how many more of them there are and what their purpose is (apart from “killing” Thomas). Group B are supposedly the other group who have the same maze but, according to themselves, are more elite. They remain a mystery both in the books and in the Scorch Trials film. They are also generally more trusting.

What Is Thomas and Teresa’s True Allegiance?


As this is written before they’ve had the Swipe put in, we see how their memories used to be and what they were feeling. We are never really sure as there are plenty of red herrings to keep you guessing. In The Death Cure book, Teresa says “WICKED is good… of all the things I could’ve written on my arm when I first woke up from my coma, I chose those three words. I keep thinking about it, and there has to be a reason for that.” This may show us that her opinions are quite different to Thomas’, but we won’t know until Sept 27.

When Was the Purge and What Happened?

The Fever Code may also give us some insight into what the Creators were like before Janson and Chancellor Ava Paige. The Purge was where all the creators were killed under the orders of Thomas and Teresa, due to the fact the Creators were infected with The Flare, and could no longer function as humans. The Purge is barely referenced and we never know what happened for it to begin. Nor do we know what the original Creators had to say about it.

The Fever Code hits bookstores on Sept 27.

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