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Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan franchise has garnered a massive fan base throughout its manga, anime, novels, and live-action films. With Attack on Titan 2 nearing release, we wanted to take a moment and share five things we’d like to see in the upcoming sequel.

Deeper Dive into Characters

Attack on Titan Characters Eren, Armin, Levi, and Mikasa.
Adding more characters doesn't necessarily mean more content.

We know that Attack on Titan 2 is going to boast a much larger cast of characters than the original. While adding more characters could in theory increase the number of hours players pour into the game (have to max them out, after all), there’s no guarantee that players will want to do that.

We’ve seen stories about MikasaEren, and others explored throughout the anime but there are still plenty that we haven’t. We’re hoping that Attack on Titan 2 will finally give us that deeper look into some of our other favorites.

Special Titans

Colossal Titan over Wall Maria
Colossal titans are just the tip of the iceberg -- or so we hope.

Titans, Titans, Titans. We will undoubtedly be slaying hundreds of these giants in multiple variants. And sure, titans already come in plenty of shapes and sizes.

We want even more of the special titans, and possibly some created just for the game.  We’re not expecting them to go off the rails and introduce something out of character. Though based on new variants shown in the second season, we wouldn’t be upset if AoT2 introduced something more creative.

Improved Multiplayer

Christa, inside the walls attacking a Titan
The more options for multiplayer the better.

The first game’s multiplayer is about as standard as multiplayer experiences come. That’s not a major downer, since it was still one of the best components of the game. Having it there only served to improve the experience.

This time we know they are adding even more to the previously included multiplayer options. The new four versus four annihilation mode challenges groups to see which can take down more titans. Hopefully, this is just one of the new modes that we will be included at launch or shortly after.

More Maneuvers and Abilities

Mikasa Ackerman Attack on Titan
Hopefully the sequel gives us more options in combat.

The first game showcased the natural talents of a few characters such as Mikasa’s consecutive strikes, or Armin’s ability to command NPC’s. These are two of the more unique skills that can be earned in the first game. While a few other skills were of this caliber, the majority were generic or shared between most of the roster.

For the upcoming sequel, we want to see even more variety in these unique skill types. Optimally we’d like to see a unique skill per character. However, with the new 35+ character roster size we’d settle for just less repetition amongst the cast.

What if Scenarios

attack on titan season 2 teaser
Levels shouldn't have to only be confined to the source material.

We know that Attack on Titan 2 will chronicle the storyline of the first two seasons. And while it’s often a game’s duty to remain faithful to its source material, this shouldn’t limit developers to only creating content based on that.

There have been examples in the past where developers have taken the liberty to add creative what-if scenarios. These could range from a variety of things like fighting off endless swarms or luring titans away from the walls.

All up, the first game was somewhat a surprise success, and served as an effective proof of concept. Now, Attack on Titan 2 has our undivided attention. If it can capture that magical style of fun in a more feature-rich experience, it could be one of the best games of the year.

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