‘Game of Thrones’: 5 Shocking Moments from ‘Stormborn’

Mike Delaney
TV Game of Thrones
TV Game of Thrones

Warning: this article contains SPOILERS for the Game of Thrones Season 7 episode “Stormborn.”

Hot on the heels of the season premiere comes the second episode of Season 7. Hopefully you have recovered from the events of “Dragonstone,” so get ready for five shocking moments from Episode 2!

Grey Worm and Missandei

Grey Worm and Missandei get it on

Ever since Grey Worm caught sight of Missandei bathing all the way back in Season 4, a growing attraction has been developing between the pair. Which is obviously a little difficult since one of them is a eunuch. So it is no surprise that Missandei is upset at Grey Worm when he plans to leave for the assault on Casterly Rock without saying goodbye.

Grey Worm explains that it is hard for him to say goodbye to Missandei. He recounts that during his training to be an Unsullied, he was never afraid of anything and was always the bravest. But now, because of his feelings for Missandei, Grey Worm has a weakness – a fear that he will not see her again.

After passionately kissing Missandei, she undresses in front of him. When she starts to undress Grey Worm, he stops Missandei, not wanting to reveal his castration to her. Missandei assures him that she does not care and wants to see all of him.

Grey Worm then proves that the best soldiers do not need weapons to be effective.

Arya and Nymeria reunited

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

When we saw Arya last week, she was travelling south to King’s Landing intent on killing Cersei. After a run in with Ed Sheeran (who she appears not to have killed), Arya finds herself back at the inn where she left Hot Pie. Over a pie and ale, he tells her that the Boltons are dead and her half-brother, Jon Snow, now holds Winterfell as King in the North.

Upon learning the news, Arya gives up on King’s Landing and turns north to Winterfell. While stopping overnight and trying keep warm, she is surrounded by a pack of snarling wolves. Their leader is a huge Direwolf that Arya recognizes as Nymeria, her own wolf that she sent into the wild way back in Season 1.

Arya tells her that she is finally going home, and asks Nymeria to come with her. A flicker of recognition passes between the two, and Nymeria calls off the pack. Nymeria has found her home, and now it is time for Arya to find hers.

Jorah’s body horror

Jorah's search for a cure is not going well

As we found out last week, Jorah the Explorer’s search for a cure to his greyscale has led him to Oldtown. This week, we get to see how far the infection has spread, and it is not a pretty sight. Pretty much his entire left side is covered with greyscale. Archmaester Ebrose’s prognosis is not great, telling Jorah that he should have amputated the arm at the first hint of infection. Asking how long he has left to live, Jorah learns that greyscale is a slow killer. His body with live on for ten or twenty years, but his mind will be gone in six months.

Learning that Jorah is the son of Lord-Commander Jeor MormontSamwell resolves to do something about it. He has read books after all that detail how greyscale patients with advanced infections were treated. So, with no real training but a lot of grit and determination, Samwell sets out to perform a forbidden procedure that involves cutting away the top layer of Jorah’s skin, taking the infection with it.

The only anaesthetic on hand is a lot of rum, and something for Jorah to bite down on so no-one hears his screams. Easily the most unsettling moment of the episode is watching Sam effectively start to skin Jorah, but we know that it is for a good cause.

Reek returns

Theon's big moment

Yara’s fleet sails for Dorne, carrying Ellaria Sand and her daughters – Obara, Tyene, and Nymeria. From there, they plan to pick up the Dornish armies and deliver them to Dragonstone. But the best-laid plans are always ruined, and the rebel Greyjoy fleet is viciously attacked by Euron Greyjoy’s Iron Fleet.

In a hail of fire, Euron’s flagship rams Yara and Theon’s vessel. Their uncle leads the boarding charge, cutting down his enemies left and right. After hearing about their prowess for several seasons, we finally get to see the Ironborn in action. Obara and Nymeria join in the fighting, but are both killed by Euron using their own weapons. Finally, Euron and Yara face each other in battle, only for Euron to prove how effective and brutal a fighter he really is.

Euron holds Yara hostage while taunting Theon, challenging him to rescue her. With Euron’s blade at his sister’s throat, and pure carnage all around him, Theon’s carefully maintained facade finally crumbles.

To Yara’s disbelief and Euron’s amusement, Theon decides that retreat is the best option. Dropping his sword and throwing himself overboard, he can only watch as Euron’s ships sail away.

Ssssh! Cersei is hunting dragons!

That looks like it's going to hurt

In a meeting with the Lords of the Reach, Cersei lays out the situation before them. Daenerys has brought an army of savages to Westeros to pillage, loot, and rape their lands. Lord Randyll Tarly – Samwell’s dad and all-round dick – poses an important question. How does Cersei plan to deal with Daenerys’ three full-grown dragons?

Cut to Qyburn leading Cersei down to the room in the Red Keep where Robert Baratheon moved all of the Targaryen dragon skulls after his victory. Not content with reanimating the dead through arcane sorcery, Qyburn has added weaponsmith to his list of abilities. After finding out that spears wounded one of Daenerys’ dragons in Meereen, he unveils a wicked-looking ballista that he believes can be used to hurt a dragon. He offers Cersei the opportunity to test fire it.

The shot pierces one of the dragon skulls, and Cersei is pleased. Daenerys may have an air force, but Cersei now has ground-to-air artillery.

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