Five Reasons You Should Watch ‘The Shannara Chronicles’


The Shannara Chronicles is MTV’s newest project, based on the fantasy book series by Terry Brooks, which will be making waves on January 5. The story follows three young teens who embark on a legendary quest to save the world. If the trailer alone doesn’t convince you to watch this new epic fantasy series, we have five reasons why you need to tune in.

The Overwhelmingly Beautiful Set

There is no denying that the set of The Shannara Chronicles is one of the most beautiful sets you will ever see. Poppy Drayton, who plays Amberle, exclaimed, “I cried when I saw the Ellcrys because I was so overwhelmed. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was.” There was no skimping on the budget, so the set designers were able to truly represent the world of Shannara. The best part is that the show was filmed in New Zealand. The vast green hillsides, sandy beaches, tropical forests, and rugged mountains depicted in the show will have you booking a one way ticket to this oceanic country.

Check out this behind-the-scenes video of the Shannara set:

There is a Vast World Behind the Show

The Shannara world expands far beyond the television show. Terry Brooks, the author of the series, wrote the first book back in 1977 and has since written twenty-six books in the series. There is a myriad of layers and side stories in Shannara. The screenwriters have so much to work with that you can be sure the show will have incredible depth, like other book-to-TV series such as Game of Thrones. Terry Brooks himself vetted every single script and has publicly stated that he is very happy with how his story has been adapted.

Watch Terry Brooks discuss seeing his story come to life:

A Cast of Budding Stars

The Shannara Chronicles has a killer cast, with a lot of Hollywood newcomers as well as some seasoned favorites. You may not have heard of Poppy Drayton, Ivana Baquero, Austin Butler, or Manu Bennett – but that will change soon enough. These breakout stars are giving MTV’s show a unique edge. It also doesn’t hurt that they are pretty to look at. Who doesn’t want a little eye candy? Watch out for Austin Butler in particular, who is Vanessa Hudgen’s longtime boyfriend. John Rhys-Davies, aka Gimli from The Lord of the Rings, is also a major character in the show.

Watch Austin Butler discuss his character and the other characters on the show:

A Tale of Epic Fantasy

For all fans of epic fantasy tales, this is the show for you. Think of The Shannara Chronicles as The Lord of the Rings after the apocalypse. The show tells the story of an Elvin princess, a bandit, and a half-Elf who have to stop the end of the world. The story takes place thousands of years in the future after a massive holocaust in a world full of beauty, destiny, and magic. It is up to Wil, Amberle, Allanon, and Eretria to embark on the journey to save the world. They are everyone’s last hope.

Watch the full trailer to get a true taste of what’s ahead:

A Streak of Horror

Shannara is a story of love, fantasy, and destiny – but it also a tale of death, horror, and war. The woods are full of gnomes, trolls, dwarves – oh, and demons. Did we mention that demons are taking over the world? They are led by Dagda Mor, the king of all demons. Every leaf that falls from the dying Ellcrys tree becomes a creature of darkness. They are about as gruesome and cringeworthy as you could imagine. If you’re a fan of horror and warfare, you will be hooked on this show. Just don’t blame us if the demons haunt your nightmares.

Learn about the Ellcrys and the creation of demons:

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