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5 Reasons the Rebels Are Awesome in ‘Rogue One’

We already know why the Empire is going to make Rogue One awesome. But what about the Rebels? What are they bringing to this newest installment in the Star Wars universe? Turns out they have plenty of awesomeness on the way. Here are just five reasons why the Rebels will be bringing some serious attitude to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Jyn Erso? Totally Awesome


You’ll see that a lot of the reasons for the Rebels being awesome are their characters. Chief among those is the lead character, Jyn Erso. Her rapscallion nature certainly gives her a bit of a Han Solo vibe. However, Solo never had to lead the kind of group Jyn has to command. Her leadership skills and rebellious nature make her one of the coolest characters we’ve seen yet in the world of Star Wars.

Mon Mothma? Definitely Awesome


We haven’t seen Mon Mothma since a deleted cameo in Revenge of the Sith, and it’s fantastic to see her back on the big screen. Not enough can be said about how awesome Mon Mothma is. Her expert leadership of the Rebellion deserves tons of praise. It takes a whole lot of strength and fortitude to stand up to a fascist government. Mon Mothma has those qualities in spades. Getting a peek into how she became such an awesome leader is going to be a big reason to see Rogue One.

The U-Wing? Universally Awesome


If the Empire gets to debut a new ship, the Rebellion should get that chance as well. Looks like they are doing just that with the U-Wing. This new ship blends together elements of the X-Wing and even the A-Wing. It’s a great design that we can’t wait to see go up against the forces of the Galactic Empire.

K-2SO? Wicked Awesome


Everyone loves the droids of Star Wars. The Force Awakens made us fall in love with BB-8. Rogue One is planning a similar strategy with K-2SO. This towering giant is reprogrammed to help the Rebellion and his Imperial knowledge will probably come in handy. His design is reminiscent of the Iron Giant and I’m betting he’s going to become a new favorite among Star Wars fans.

Chirrut Îmwe? Possibly The Awesomest


Possibly the coolest character we’re going to get is this warrior monk played by martial arts actor Donnie Yen. While his character seems to be in tune with the Force, he’s not a Jedi or a Sith. It’ll be awesome to see someone that doesn’t align himself with the entities we are familiar with. Plus, Yen himself had the idea to make his character blind. It’s a cool reference to the classic Zatoichi character which ties into the strong influence samurai films have on Star Wars. We can’t wait to see what kind of fighting skills this awesome character has in store.

5 Reasons the Empire Is Awesome in ‘Rogue One’

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