5 Reasons Mark Wahlberg Is the Best Thing to Happen to Transformers

Brian Linder
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Mark Wahlberg joined the Transformers films only a few years ago, but he’s already taken the wheel like a champ. Now he’s back in Transformers: The Last Knight, the fifth Michael Bay-directed installment in the series, out June 21.

Here are 5 reasons Mark Wahlberg is the best thing to happen to Transformers:

1. He’s Got Gravitas

The Transformers franchise needs a strong lead. Mark Wahlberg is a charm factory and has the kind of action star mojo it takes to not be upstaged by giant alien robots. Wahlberg holds his own and has tons of fun doing it.

2. He’s an Action Movie Pro

He’s a legit action star. While Wahlberg has never stuck to a single genre, he’s had plenty of action experience in movies. From the war flick Three Kings to the game-to-screen adaptation of Max Payne, Wahlberg’s shown he’s got what it takes when things get crazy.

3. He’s Relatable

Mark Wahlberg is a relatable tough guy. Who better to play struggling single dad Cade Yeager? He’s just a normal guy who gets caught up in the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons and comes out kicking ass.

4. He’s Hilarious

4. If you’ve seen Mark Wahlberg in the Ted movies or trading insults with Will Ferrell, we don’t have to tell you that he’s hilarious. Transformers isn’t exactly full of laughs, but when the moment calls for it, we appreciate Wahlberg’s solid sense of humor.

5. He’s Easy on the Eyes

Mark Wahlberg is a handsome dude. The former Calvin Klein model and frontman of the Funky Bunch has still got it. When filming the movie Pain and Gain his fitness regime was on par with muscle-bound co-star Dwayne Johnson. Locking in Wahlberg as the attractive human face of the Transformers franchise makes you want to stare at the screen even more.

You can get your Mark Wahlberg fix when Transformers: The Last Knight hits theaters on June 21.

Brian Linder
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