5 ‘Prey’ Tips You Should Know Before Starting

Henry Gilbert

Prey is an intense FPS and a mostly fresh reboot of the first-person shooter series by the same name. We went over this some in  FANDOM’s Prey review, but the game has some fairly intricate systems and rules. Sure, you’ll learn most them over your time with the campaign, yet isn’t a cheat sheet much easier? That’s why we pulled together some quick Prey tips and tricks.

These five general Prey tips are all things I wish I knew when I started the game. Hopefully, these will all be helpful for you from the moment you wake up on Talos I, all the way until the branching ending. Let’s start with the most environmentally friendly suggestion..

Always Be Recycling



When you begin Prey it feels like resources are scarce. There’s never enough ammo or skill-adding Neuromods or Medkits. Especially Medkits feel few and far between in the dangerous world of Talos I. The easiest workaround to that is carrying all the garbage you can everywhere you go. Those frayed cords and banana peels might seem useless, but all can be dropped into one of the many nearby recycling stations around the space station. You can dump all your garbage in there to create resources to make all the ammo and health items you need, so long as you’ve got the replicator plans. Keep a healthy cycle of picking up everything, then recycling and fabricating new stuff.

Keep Smashing Glass

One of the most important things you do in the opening minutes is destroying a glass wall to free Morgan Yu from their prison. It’s a very memorable moment and an important harbinger for how you’ll spend hours more of the game. You’ll continually be confronted with windows and walls that seem like barriers. You may think you need to circle back to find another way, but first take a swing at the clear surface with your wrench – even try it with glass floors. You might just find hidden items, a special code, or a whole new exit.

Becoming An Alien Has Its Risks


Other than your jerk of a brother, you main enemy in Prey are aliens known as Typhon. The creatures are composed of black ooze and are a real challenge to face, even on normal difficulty. The Typhon also have some really cool powers that you can integrate into your character. Mimicking coffee cups, shooting laser blasts, healing, and more are available when you start using Typhon powers. But they come with a cost. The more you use, the less human you appear to automated guards that might just attack you thinking you’re an alien. And don’t think Typhons will like you stealing their powers either because you’ll become even more of an alien attention magnet the more you take on their powers. So be careful how you spend each upgrade.

Don’t Worry About Running Low on Neuromods

Neuromods are Prey‘s clever system of implementing a branching skill tree, similar to many other FPS adventures. However, when you start the game, you may think you’ll find a very limited amount of Neuromods. That may lead you to fret over how to spend each one you find, because who knows where the next one is hiding. Well, don’t worry, because you’ll find way more as the game goes on. As the game goes on, you’ll even find a way to fabricate Neuromods just the same as ammo and health packs. You should still specialize your Morgan Yu how you want, but know you’ll have a lot of options for skills later in the game.

Get Creative With Tools (Especially the Gloo)

Prey Tips and Tricks


You should take nothing at face value in Prey. Not the story they tell you about the world around you or the weapons you find all over Talos I. Hardware like shotguns and pistols have obvious uses, but things like arrows and darts can help you with reaching difficult locations or hacking far off PCs. The GLOO Cannon has to be the most useful in all of Prey, and you should never forget it. If you don’t think you can reach a new area or put out a fire or prevent electricity from shocking you, just shoot some GLOO at it and see if that works. It’s like the duct tape of outer space.

Henry Gilbert
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