5 Hidden Gems On Michael Jackson’s ‘Dangerous’ Album


25 years ago today, Michael Jackson’s album Dangerous was released. Like with all his albums, he poured a lot of heart and soul into creating it, in some ways even more so than the others. The music is strong yet fun, passionate yet loose. It carries some important messages, yet it has incredible beats that just make you feel good.

Everyone has heard of the big hits on the album – “Black or White,” “Jam,” “Heal the World,” and most likely “Remember the Time.” They’re the popular ones for a reason and deserve due credit, but the other songs on the album are just as amazing. The fact that they all could have been hits is just another testament to the incredible talent that Michael possessed. Here are five hidden gems off of Dangerous.

In the Closet

While “In the Closet” was released as a single, you’d probably only recognize it if you really knew your MJ. But for those who do know it, and its accompanying video, it’s like a secret getaway to an oasis. It’s one of Michael’s sexiest songs, and even before the first verse starts it’s easy to hear why. The hushed speaking breaks by Princess Stéphanie of Monaco mixed with the irresistibly alluring beats are bound to get you dancing.

Can’t Let Her Get Away

Can’t Let Her Get Away” is one of the songs that defines the style of Dangerous. It’s a casually wholesome song on the surface that’s great to listen to when you want that “dangerous” mood. But within, it’s heartbreakingly sweet, as it describes the devotion of Michael to the girl he’s singing about, even though she continuously rejects him. The beat is incredibly catchy with a mysterious, questioning undertone that’s hard to not get pulled into.

Keep the Faith

In all honesty, the whole world needs to hear this song as we recover from this past year. “Keep the Faith” has the perfect blend of lyrics and rhythm to form its message of positivity. Complemented by the Andraé Crouch Singers, Michael’s vocals are powerful and soulful. Altogether, the song is very uplifting and self-empowering. It makes me feel like everything’s gonna turn out okay and that we’ll all come out stronger in the end.

She Drives Me Wild

Yet another gem, “She Drives Me Wild” is like the edgier, yet still playful cousin to “In the Closet.” At the same time, its theme about having uncontainable feelings for someone is very reminiscent of “The Way You Make Me Feel” from MJ’s previous album, Bad. It features a killer rap by Wreckx-n-Effect and a snippet of it was even played during his HIStory World Tour. The song is cool because it plays with car sounds which work seamlessly into the rest of the beat and match the title perfectly.


Ironically, the title track “Dangerous” is a hidden gem in terms of popularity because it is better known for its dance onstage. Even so, the song itself deserves all the credit it has gotten and more. It’s like a follow-up to “Smooth Criminal,” but more subtle and secret in its villainous storyline. The beat definitely earns the song its title, but it’s also adventurous and flat-out fun to listen to. And then when you do pair it with the dance, you end up getting an explosively entertaining performance.

It’s easy to say about all his albums, but Dangerous is legitimately one of Michael’s greatest works. It has its classics like “Black or White,” but after 25 years, it’s about time we recognized the hidden gems on it for the amazing songs they are in their own right. After all, what’s life without a little danger?

Here’s to the next 25 years, Dangerous.

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