Five Fun ‘Game of Thrones’ Cocktails

Billy Arrowsmith
TV Game of Thrones
TV Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones just concluded its sixth season, and we’ve been having a lot of mixed feelings. Spoilers ahead, obviously.

There were a ton of satisfying moments, but it’s already killing us having to wait until next year. Is Daenerys gonna have a hard time making friends when she moves to a new town? What would happen if Lady Mormont got a really cute puppy? Are Jon Snow and Sam going to finally kiss like they do in that weird dream I keep having?

Jon Snow Sam Tarley
Stop denying your true feelings!

If you’re like us, you’re gonna go right back to binge-watching old episodes. The finale inspired us to make a couple Game of Thrones-themed cocktails to enjoy while watching the show. Remember to consume alcohol responsibly, and always make sure you have a full stomach before starting a night of drinking. To pair with these drinks we recommend a fresh pie made from the children of the man who killed your mother.


Submitted by Joe Goldman

Photo credit: Molly Shepherd

Whenever you hear Lannister, you immediately think of a sweet rag tag group like the Brady Bunch right? Not quite, for those who watch GoT, you know the Lannisters as a zesty bunch that leave a bit of a sour taste in your mouth. With this in mind creating a citrus-y wine drink (cause we all know Tyrion needs a good cup of red) was almost too perfect for these blonde heroes . Our drink, the Shame-gria is made with red wine, lemonade, orange juice, triple sec, club soda, lemon, lime and a little sugar. Just like Cersei, it will lead you to your own walk of shame sooner than you can believe!

Ingredients: lemonade, orange juice, red wine, triple sec, club soda, lemon, lime, sugar

Mother of Dragons

Submitted by Jeff Gregor

Photo credit: Molly Shepherd

Daenerys is one bad b****. After liberating Slaver’s Bay, killing her Dothraki captors, and raising 3 unruly dragons, she deserves a cold adult beverage, am I right? Her drink of choice? The Mother of Dragons: 1 part Fireball, 1 part Whiskey, and a 2 parts Ginger Ale. It’s sweet yet fiery, just like our favorite Targaryen.

Ingredients: fireball, ginger ale, cranberry juice

The Unsullied

Submitted by Chad Rosenwasser

Photo credit: Molly Shepherd

The Unsullied are elite warriors of Slaver’s Bay. They are former slaves who have been trained from birth to fight and are famous for their discipline on the battlefield. All the Unsullied have been castrated, so they will not succumb to sexual urges in the midst of battle. The Virgin Shirley Temple seems like an appropriate drink, this way they do not become intoxicated however maintain the appearance of drinking like everyone else.

Ingredients: grenadine, ginger ale, orange juice

Lysa Arryn’s Buttery Nipple

Submitted by Jeff Gregor

The Vale can get a little nipple-y, uh I mean nippy this time of year. Keep warm with Lysa Arryn’s favorite Butterscotch Liquor and Irish Cream concoction. But mind the Moon Door.

Ingredients: butterscotch liqueur, Irish cream

The White Walker

Submitted by Mike O’Neill

White Russian
Photo credit: Molly Shepherd

The cold never bothers the scariest half-dead beings in the 7 kingdoms, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like a little nightcap to warm their undead bones every once in a while. For that we recommend the “white walker” – just like a white Russian but swap out the vodka for Johnnie Walker because, well – keep walking my friends.

Ingredients: Johnnie Walker, Kahlua, milk


Submitted by Jeff Gregor

Photo credit: Molly Shepherd

If Drogo was still alive (RIP to the OG Khal) he would definitely kick back with a Dothraquiri in-hand. Sure, it’s not the manliest drink out there, but I doubt this warrior badass cares. Not to mention, the dude is baking in the desert sun with the scorching hot mother of dragons lighting fires all over the place. Gotta get your icy refreshments somehow, right?

Ingredients: white rum, simple syrup, lime juice

Thanks for reading! For more information on Game of Thrones, check out the Game of Thrones Wiki on Wikia! 

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