Marvel’s 5 Best Female Superheroes

Savannah Aleksic
Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

Between Wonder Woman, Black Widow, and Scarlet Witch, female superheroes are finally reigning supreme in the comic universe. Female superheroes who are strong — or even stronger — than their male counterparts are feminist icons that inspire and empower women everywhere.

Even though there is still a long way to go before female superheroes are as prevalent as male heroes, these female Marvel superheroes are clearly better than the rest.

Free Spirit


Free Spirit (or Cathy Webster) first appeared in Captain America vol. 1 #431. She was programmed to hate all men, and her body subjected to “mutagenic radiation” which enhanced her body to peak physical condition similar to Captain America. Throughout the comics, she has overcome her brainwashing and trained with Captain America and Jack Flag to fight. With a woman who has similar abilities to Captain America, you’d think she would get more credit.


Dust (or Sooraya Qadir) has appeared in many Marvel comics, but usually in the X-Men series. Sooraya is a mutant with the ability to transform her body into a malleable cloud of dust. Her sandstorm form is immune to most forms of injury, thus making her very powerful.

According to Jean Grey and Professor X, her dust form makes her hard to detect telepathically as well as resistant to magic. She can use the form to attack in different ways such as scouring the flesh from her enemies’ bones and entering people’s lungs and scouring them from the inside.


Dagger (or Tandy Bowen) is part of the duo known as Cloak and Dagger. Dagger is known for her ability to create psionic “light daggers”. These daggers travel wherever she wills them to and when struck, they drain living beings of their life. Her “light daggers” also have the capacity to cure people of drug addiction, and can alleviate Cloak’s hunger for light. Dagger has moderate experience at street-fighting and her combat technique incorporates her light powers and ballet dance training.

Colleen Wing

Colleen Wing might not have superpowers like the rest of the heroes on this list, but she’s great with a sword. She and Misty Knight formed Daughters of the Dragon, a crime-fighting duo known for teaming up with Iron Fist and Luke Cage. Colleen’s abilities include being able to focus her chi to perform feats of exceptional strength, enter a Zen trance that allows her to heal,

Colleen’s abilities include being able to focus her chi to perform feats of exceptional strength, enter a Zen trance that allows her to heal, burn out foreign poisons in her system, and resist temperature extremes. She’s a trained samurai which makes her a skilled fighter, able to take down even the strongest of opponents.



When Jessica Drew was young, she became ill from the uranium that was common where she lived. So her father injected her with a serum containing the blood of several uncommon species of spiders. He then sealed her in a genetic accelerator to speed up the process, but it only seemed to work at a very slow rate. This slowed her aging greatly and she awoke with no memories of her past to a world in which both her parents had disappeared mysteriously, and possessing powers that made everyone around her scared and resentful. She was trained to fight by Hydra but she rebelled against them and found her way into The Avengers.

Like Spider-Man, Spider-Woman has superhuman, spider-like abilities and is a trained fighter. She can also lift 7 tons, she has superhuman speed, and has advanced hearing.

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