5 Comic Book Storylines We Want to See on ‘The Flash’

Joseph Wilbur
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The Flash often steals ideas from the comics, including villains, weapons, and even hidden Barry Allen powers. Despite the show’s frequent sampling, there are some comic storylines that the show has overlooked. Here are five storylines that we’d like to see on The Flash.

Flash #139 — Reverse Flash’s Backstory

Reverse Flash, possibly the most iconic of all the Flash villains, has made several appearances on the show. However, we only hear about his background in a few conversations in random episodes. Flash #139 marks the very first appearance of Barry’s opposite and gives us the Reverse Flash backstory we deserve.

A genetically engineered man from the 25th century, Eobard’s near-insane obsession with the Flash causes him to wreck the future timeline using futuristic technology —  to ensure he would become the head of the Flash museum. This obsession also causes him to manipulate his appearance to resemble his idol. After finding a capsule containing Allen’s Flash costume, he then uses a machine to gain Allen’s speed powers. Unfortunately, his powers drive him mad after he travels back in time and discovers he will become the Reverse Flash.

Superman #199 — A Superpowered Race

In this storyline from 1967, Barry Allen faces a unique challenge — Superman! The two superheroes arrange a race for the benefit of the United Nations. However, the race isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Superman and Flash encounter multiple traps set by rival gang syndicates looking for a huge payout for their respective bets.

This storyline may not be a serious one, but it would inject some fun into the next major crossover event. The most-recent crossover, Crisis on Earth-X, while exciting and action-packed, lacked some of the fun Easter eggs that we have seen in previous crossovers.

Flash #275-284 — “The Death of Iris Allen” 

While this storyline features the death of one of the series’ main characters, the ‘Death of Iris Allen” is one of the most important comics in Flash history. When Reverse Flash murders Iris in cold blood, Barry is thrust into one of the deepest and darkest periods of his life. Constant fights with allies, moody reflections on whether he should still wear the red mask, and even near expulsion from the Justice League change Barry into a different hero than he ever was before. Eventually, the fear of history repeating itself drives Barry to murder Reverse Flash in cold blood, leading to the ‘Trial of the Flash’ storyline.

We have already seen what Iris’ near death (as well as several other character deaths) did to Barry last season. However, the actual death of Barry’s newlywed would certainly take the show in a different direction.

Flash, Volume 1: Move Forward (The New 52)

An army of clones known as Mob Rule cause blackouts in several cities. As a result, Barry masters a new ability, which allows him to consider millions of options in seconds. However, this new ability does as much harm as good, as he cannot always correctly determine the correct option. With some deft time travel, handfuls of cleverly woven Easter eggs, and a villain with a special connection to Barry, this storyline is one of the most creative in the Flash comic collection.

We’ve reached a stagnant point in the show. No one really knows how Barry is going to defeat Clifford DeVoe, “The Fastest Mind Alive.” Barry has shown the ability to think rapidly, but this power has never been truly explored. With our hero imprisoned, now is the perfect time to introduce this ability in the show.

Flash, Volume 3: Gorilla Warfare (The New 52)

We’ve already seen this title on The Flash, but not with a twist like this. In this storyline, Grodd and his city appear but, this time, the gorillas successfully take control of Central City, forcing Barry to enlist the help of the Rogues.

We haven’t seen a mass, meta team-up on the Flash in quite a while, and more Grodd is always welcome. If used in the near future, we would get a compelling episode pitting Team Flash (without Flash) against a threat that even Barry wouldn’t be able to handle alone.

Joseph Wilbur
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