Five Bros We Wish Were in ‘Broforce’

Michael Grimm

Broforce was recently released for the PlayStation 4, rekindling our interest in the Metal Slug-styled tribute to action movie heroes. Playing it left us saying “I really wish *insert action hero of choice here* was in the game,” so we took some of our favorite brainstormed Bros and fleshed them out a bit, spitballing a signature special move for each. Enjoy!

Han Solo (Han Bro-lo)

Han Solo Broforce

The most obvious omission from Broforce is the most understandable. Disney owns one of the most recognizable characters in the world and probably aren’t much interested in lending him to an indie game for cheap. Han Solo is a legend though, and the Broforce world will always feel a little empty without him.

Special: Han Shoots First
When Bro-lo is hit by an enemy, the game briefly freezes, Han dodges the shot, and fires his blaster at the target that hit him, for massive damage.

Paul Kersey from Death Wish (Charles Bro-nson)

Another obvious omission, Charles Bronson was one of the biggest names in ’80s action moviedom, most notably for his run in the Death Wish films. Bronson played Paul Kersey, a Punisher-esque vigilante fueled by his lust for revenge. Being one of Bronson’s friends or family in these flicks was a really bad idea, as you were almost certain to be killed so Bronson would have an excuse to shoot punks for the last third of the film.

Special: Machine Gun
Bro-nson and his pal whip out the machine gun from Death Wish 3 and spray all the enemies in front of him.

Jason Bourne (Jason Bro-urne)

Jason Bourne Broforce

While Jason Bourne represents the colder, calculating, less humorous action hero modern viewers have come to expect, he’s still one of the biggest names in the game. A government secret agent gone rogue, plagued by his mysterious past, it looks like the latest movie will try to shine a little light on his origin. Our money is on macrame or dressage.

Special: Sniper
Bro-urne pulls out a sniper and the player controls a reticle they can use to take three shots at any enemies on the map.

Dominic Toretto (Dominic Bro-retto)

While The Fast and The Furious’ Dominic Toretto may claim to not be a violent guy, he definitely finds himself whooping all kinds of butt in the films. His regret about assaulting a rival racer with a wrench looms over him, but he’s going to need to get over that quickly to kill hundreds of Broforce goons and aliens.

Special: Dodge Charger
Bro-retto calls in his black Charger to do its signature wheelie, busting through cover and crushing enemies in the way.

Bryan Mills from Taken (Bro-yan Mills)

The Taken movies have become a full blown phenomenon, in part at least thanks to the unexpected career turn of Serious Actor Liam Neeson into a full blown action star. At his core he’s basically a hybrid of Charles Bronson’s revenge motivation and Jason Bourne’s calculating, no frills beatdowns. While some might complain the movies are a little too similar, global moviegoers will always have a place in their hearts — and wallets — for some good old fashioned revenge and over the top violence.

Special: Skills
Bro-yan deploys his skills and leaps from enemy to enemy, chopping the necks of every basic bad guy on the screen.

Dolemite (Bro-lemite)

This one might mystify some younger folks out there who assumed Black Dynamite was a wholly original concept, but Dolemite was the rougher, cruder, and arguably cooler version of Blaxploitation legend Shaft. While his “martial arts” were so slow you might mistake him for being underwater, Dolemite was the ultimate trash talker, and his squad of kung-fu ladies was pretty bad-ass. Sure, we could have gone with Shaft, but have you considered how hard it is making a Bro pun out of that?

Special: The Ladies
Bro-lemite summons his cadre of ladies who use their kung-fu skills to take out enemies and protect Bro-lemite.

Katniss Everdine (Katniss Bro-verdine)


She may not fit the classical definition, but Katniss is about as tough and badass as anyone else on this list when you break it down:

-Survivor of the Hunger Games
-Resistance leader against dystopian dictatorship
-Wicked archery skills
-Cool costume/armor

Say what you will, but Katniss has definitely got what it takes. Broforce is also in dire need of a bow weapon, making her a great fit to change up the overly heavy gunplay options.

Special: Mockingjay
Bro-verdine summons a big fiery phoenix to torch everything around her, briefly making her invincible in the process.

Michael Grimm
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