The 5 Best Mass Effect Moments

Henry Gilbert

Mass Effect: Andromeda is on its way. Meanwhile, both Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 are now playable on the Xbox One. Fans are ready to look forward and backward in the series, and that goes for Fandom too. So let’s talk about the five best Mass Effect moments in series’ history (before Andromeda changes the list).

Now, the Mass Effect universe is composed of countless beautiful moments of storytelling and character. There’s no way just to pick five without leaving out so many other great moments. We at Fandom did our best to narrow it down to our favorite revelations, dramatic twists, and funny moments. Take a look.

Liara Confronts The Shadow Broker

Lair of the Shadow Broker” is how you do DLC the right way. It’s a massive new story mission that spotlights a fan-favorite, offers up some secrets, and builds towards the next game. Shepard teaming up once again with Liara is a lovely starting point, but the real fireworks happen at the end. Liara finally confronts Shadow Broker, the mysterious extortionist that has destroyed so many people in his time. The ensuing battle and Liara’s ascension as the new Shadow Broker is a powerful payoff and fantastic setup for the series’ next game.

Destruction of the Normandy

Talk about starting the game with a bang! After establishing Shepard as the possible savior of the galaxy and the Normandy spacecraft as home base, BioWare flips everything on its head. Just as the game is easing you into this new adventure, it explodes all your expectations and the Normandy along with it. You spend the next hours of Mass Effect 2 pulling Shepard and his crew back together, or at least the ones you can find from the wreckage.

Garrus is Archangel

More than a few players took a real liking to Garrus in the first Mass Effect, and that love only deepened in the sequel. When you seemingly lost everyone on the Normandy, you had no clue where or if Garrus would turn up again. Imagine our surprise when a search for badass mercenary Archangel ends up being a joyful reunion. The discovery is even more exciting if Garrus is one of your romantic interests.

“This is my favorite store in The Citadel”

This is one of the more humorous recurring moments in the game. Once Commander Shepard gains universal fame in the first game, he starts to like some of the perks. That includes discounts for famous people — provided you give an endorsement. And players can endorse seemingly every vendor they meet, proclaiming, “I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite store on The Citadel.” The phrase is used so much that variations on it became something of a meme. Even BioWare had a fun callback to it in Mass Effect 3.

Mordin sings Gilbert and Sullivan

Getting to know every member of your team is at least half the fun in Mass Effect games. Having any random conversation can lead to some very surprising answers. Like, say, a very cerebral scientist breaking out into a modified rendition of The Pirates of Penzance. It’s a laugh-out-loud moment when it happens, giving Mordin an extra dose of personality. That lighthearted moment of song also lays the groundwork for one of Mass Effect 3‘s most tragic moments (should you not save Mordin). Never has Gilbert and Sullivan sounded so mournful.

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Henry Gilbert
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