5 More Attractions We’d Like to See in ‘Westworld’

Andrew Hawkins

We’ve already explored Westworld and we know Samurai World is on the way in Season 2. What other theme park attractions should we be able to visit?

HBO’s Westworld is now over and everyone addicted to the show is freaking out about Season 2. We won’t get to see the next chapter in the series until 2018, but already we have begun to speculate about what to expect. One of the biggest reveals of this first season was that we might be seeing a new park area called Samurai World. This is a very big deal for fans of the original Westworld movie.

In Michael Crichton’s 1973 movie we saw Westworld, Roman World and Medieval World. Guests got to choose what park they wanted to spend their vacation in, and up until the last episode of the new series we didn’t even know there were other areas at all. The reveal of Samurai World is huge because it shows that Delos owns and operates Westworld as well as other active attractions. At this point, we can’t even begin to speculate how many other parks are currently in operation.

Practically nothing has been revealed yet about Samurai World aside from the hosts we saw during Maeve’s escape in The Bicameral Mind. We can speculate all day whether guests attending this park will step into a world of samurai and bushido, ronin warriors and feudal japan; but until Season 2 hits we’ll never know. There are so many possibilities of where Jonathan Nolan will take the series. Here are just a few potential areas we might see and that we’d love to visit.



This park was already explored in the original sequel to Westworld, but now it’s time for a new take on the theme. Futureworld was all about outer space and interstellar exploration. It was three times the size of Westworld and sort of missed the mark on just how vast the idea of a futuristic theme could be. With the right dose of science fiction and thrills, Futureworld has the potential to be amazing. Just imagine how incredible it would be to finally drive that flying car, shoot laser guns and cruise the cosmos in a ship with a warp drive.

Jurrasic Park

Dinosaurs and park employees would make perfect hosts.

Almost twenty years after Michael Crichton brought us Westworld, he created Jurassic Park. This could be the greatest possible tie-in for the show that would guarantee global appeal. Fans love Jurassic Park and getting to see guests deal with dinosaur hosts would be fantastic. The horror elements of both stories are very similar, so the potential for thrills is definitely there. When the robots go rogue in Westworld everyone is in danger, but add a T-rex and raptors to the mix and that’s just asking for trouble.

Apocalypse World


If the success of Mad Max: Fury Road taught us anything, it’s that the post-apocalyptic wasteland is still awesome. When the first Mad Max movies hit theaters there were immediately waves of imitations. This trend is still going strong even today and that just goes to show how appealing playing in this sandbox would be. Just try watching 2pac and Dr. Dre’s classic video for California Love and tell me you wouldn’t want to get in on that.

Mythology Land

Go on mythical epic adventures and defeat the gods.

Greek mythology has been a core source of inspiration for fantasy and fiction for the last 25 centuries. Roman mythology, Egyptian mythology, and Norse mythology are all still feeding the imaginations of people around the world, but nothing quite captures the interest of most like Ancient Greece. Clash of the Titans, Jason and the Argonauts and the video game series God of War are all great examples of just how exciting this kind of park could be. Even Xena fans would run to get there.

War World

Experience the greatest battles in history firsthand.

Since the golden age of cinema, movies about war have been made for every generation. World War II and World War I films are made and remade every decade and almost every major conflict has been featured on the big screen. In Season 1 of Westworld we saw elements of the Civil War used in storylines, but so far we haven’t seen a full-on battle between battalions. A portion of the park dedicated to war could cover every great battle in history and be the section that shows just how dangerous sentient hosts really are if they escape.

Andrew Hawkins
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