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Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg recently told Entertainment Weekly that the next Arrowverse crossover would be easier to plan now that all four shows share a network. Although The CW haven’t officially announced this “true” four-way crossover yet, crossovers have been a tradition since the days when the Arrowverse only extended to Flash and Arrow. But which DC story should the Arrowverse adapt next?

Crisis on Infinite Earths

People have speculated this one before but it now looks like Crisis on Infinite Earths could be a real possibility in the next season. It was The Flash that broached the subject of the multiverse when Zoom came across from Earth-Two. It then expanded during the hunt for a new Harrison Wells and the inclusion of Supergirl on the distant Earth Thirty-Eight.


Crisis on Infinite Earths saw the multiverse merged into a single Earth following a series of gruelling battles. While this will not work as a final result for the Arrowverse, writers could take inspiration from the JLA/Avengers crossover. When the two Earths merge, key differences cause difficulties, and they end up separated again. As Legends of Tomorrow now shares a night with Flash, Arrow could enjoy a calculated, political look at the merging of several worlds as they are undone.

crisis on infinite earths superman vs superman

Another interesting take could be on the heroes and villains. As realities come together, Robert Queen could sporadically replace Oliver Queen. Some remnant of Killer Frost could overcome Caitlin as the story progresses. As well as forcing the changing roster to keep adapting to new faces, it could provide insight from one version of a character to another.

Armageddon 2001

For many living in the late 20th century, the coming year 2000 was one of turmoil and destruction. As least, so they believed. DC decided to play the apocalypse card in 1991. Armageddon 2001 saw a future where a version of Hawk/Hank Hall slaughtered all the other superpowered individuals on the globe. A series of paradoxical events lead to Monarch returning to ‘91 and Hank Hall killing and ‘replacing’ him.

hank hall monarch comic

Time travel being the domain of Legends of Tomorrow (and marginally by the Flash) Tuesday would be a blockbuster with their shared evening. Flash is currently sorting through their own future prevention challenges, and this unorthodox adventure could provide useful experience. As for Monarch, there are several one-shot CW heroes and villains that could be adapted for this storyline. On the other hand, Hank Hall could be cast as a talented but unrecognised hacker/technological genius.

Underworld Unleashed

Ever heard the expression ‘deal with the devil’? In DC, that Devil is Neron. First appearing in Underworld Unleashed, this jolly green gremlin offered dozens of heroes and villains new and enhanced powers or their ‘greatest desire’. Although typically dealing in souls, Neron sometimes arranges other favours.


With Constantine coming to CW Seed, Matt Ryan can don his jacket for another Arrow cameo and alert the team to an upcoming demonic movement. Of course, as Flash is preceded by Supergirl on the weekly roster, it could be that Mixi… Mzy… Mxyzptlk has an ally from the fifth dimension. Instead of romance, this imp could be out for revenge by turning the heroes in her life against one another. This could start by giving James ‘Guardian’ Olsen some powers of his own to set the stage. Then hopping across to Earth One to upset the heroes that live on the other side of the dimensional gulf. Caitlin would be particularly susceptible to an offer of removing her Killer Frost side. Even Mick might be tempted to get his partner back. Either an imp or demon could shake up the Arrowverse quite easily.


Magic, aliens, and a multiverse are all brilliant plot devices, but I doubt that The CW is going to be delving into divine mythology anytime soon. The Genesis story is based around exactly that: godhood. A ‘godwave’ creates gods on the first pass through the universe, superhumans on the rebound from the edge, and returns for a third wave billions of years early.

gods created by godwave lined up with solar system backdrop

Several times in The Flash, dark matter waves eclipse Central City, creating various meta-humans. Suppose that another Star Labs on another Earth – Two, Three and Nineteen heading the potential pack – had a similar problem but accidentally redirect that energy into the dimensional barriers between their worlds?

With alien technology and plenty of funding, the DEO could catch the first signs, Team Flash and the Legends start dealing with the problem, and Team Arrow call A.R.G.U.S. to deal with the clean-up. Along the way, powers could start emerging to a myriad of new villains in several Earths.


Unfortunately, Legends of Tomorrow has shifted from Thursday to Tuesday to share a night with The Flash. This may not sound like a large problem, but Arrow is the most realistic of the crowd. Meta-humans and time-travel are out of place on the show, so when a crossover does take place, the final episode will likely take place in Star City. The other option would be to split it across two weeks, but this may leave fans disappointed with the divide.

Then you have Supergirl. Taking place on an Earth many worlds away, bringing her into the fold is difficult at best. Her involvement in the Invasion! story came about due to her alien heritage. If another threat does surface, calling the true-and-blue will be a difficult point in the plot. Remember: Barry took on Zoom, the Legends took on the Legion, and even Oliver grappled with Al Ghul without sounding the trumpets.

If and when this “true” four-way Arrowverse crossover arises, it will be hard to top Invasion! Until then, Supergirl airs on Mondays, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow on Tuesdays, and Arrow fights crime on Wednesdays.

Graham Host is a member of the Fan Contributor program. In his spare time, he enjoys the works of Terry Pratchett, DC Comics and a wide assortment of video games. Under no circumstances should he be fed after midnight.
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