4 Reasons Why ‘Supernatural’ Still Matters

Savannah Aleksic

How is Supernatural still going strong on its 12th season without having changed anything major about the show itself including the main characters? Supernatural is a show about two brothers who fight monsters, and deal with angels, demons, ghosts, vampires, and the like, so how could a show like this last for so long? What is it about this show that brings viewers back every week? There are many different aspects of the show that are unique to Supernatural, so here are four reasons why the show is still going strong 12 years on.

The Brothers are a Perfect Pairing

The Winchester brothers and their dynamic is what keeps the show so entertaining from week to week. The brothers are loyal to each other and like most relationships, they are each other’s strength and each other’s weakness. This is explored countless times on the show. It’s still interesting to see how the brothers grow both apart and together as obstacles are thrown at them season after season. Whether it be angels, demons, leviathans, or even each other, the brothers find a way to conquer evil to survive another day.

The Cast and Fans are Family

There is no other cast that loves and values each other as much as the cast of Supernatural. The cast and crew of this show aren’t just a team – they’re family. This close-knit on-set rapport is the entire reason why the fandom is so close too. The Supernatural fandom isn’t just a fandom; we are like a family too, which is why we’re known as the SPN Family. As a wise old grump once said, “Family don’t end with blood,” and that has never been truer. There’s even a book by that title about how the show has changed the lives of the cast and fans.

The Best Villains

Crowley is seen on his knees with a chain around his neck that is attached securely to the floor.
Crowley as a slave

The backbone of Supernatural might be the Winchester brothers, but every once in a while, there’s something we love just a little bit more than the heroes, and that’s the villains.

Supernatural has featured some of the best villains of all time, such as Lucifer, Crowley, Rowena, and many others. The best part about these antagonists is that they work together but can also turn on each other within the blink of an eye. A villain can’t even trust a fellow villain on this show!

Flawed but Great Stories

Supernatural episode Men of Letters
A scene from 'Men of Letters' episode

The show doesn’t just succeed by having interesting, well-rounded characters and villains; it also has unique storylines. Of course, there are a few storylines that fans haven’t loved, but the writers always redeem themselves by coming up with brilliant ideas that really push boundaries (“Men of Letters“, “Demon Dean“). The writers make mistakes, but they have their brilliant moments that really make the show great.

In a day and age where TV shows focus on romance and love triangles, a show about two brothers fighting real and inner demons is the most important reason why the show still matters. Supernatural teaches people that at the end of the day when you feel like all is lost, your family will always be there to hold you up.

Savannah Aleksic
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