3 Reasons Why David Leitch Is the Right Director for ‘Deadpool 2’

Chris Tilly
Movies Marvel
Movies Marvel

It’s recently been all-change on the Deadpool 2 front, with Tim Miller – director of the original – leaving the project due to dreaded ‘creative differences’ last month, and the search immediately commencing to find his replacement.

The likes of Drew Goddard (Cabin in the Woods) and Magnus Martens (Luke Cage) were apparently in the running, but David Leitch – co-director of John Wick and sole director of the forthcoming spy thriller The Coldest City – ultimately landed the gig. And we think he’s a great choice. Why? Read on…

1. He Knows Action

The John Wick action is incredible.

The first Deadpool movie was filled with kick-ass action, and Leitch is something of a genius in that department, working as both a stunt-man and stunt co-ordinator for the best part of two decades. His CV is immense, featuring Matrix and Bourne movies, Fight Club, V For Vendetta, Spy Game, Conan the Barbarian, Jupiter Ascending, Jurassic World and many, many more. Together with long-time collaborator Chad Stahaleski he set up 87Eleven to produce unique actions sequences for film and TV productions. And the pair of them co-directed one of the best action movies of the last few years in the shape of John Wick. Sequences were designed with star Keanu Reeves in mind – tailored to his skills, abilities and physical prowess – so we’re expecting Leitch to do the same when it comes to crafting action for Ryan Reynolds in the superhero sequel.

2. He Knows Comedy

What sets Deadpool the comic apart from most other superhero comics is the fact that it’s lewd, crude and incredibly rude. Wade Wilson repeatedly breaks the fourth wall to deliver lines that are consistently and marvellously offensive. And the first film did a great job translating that twisted humour, the explicit jokes coming thick and fast as Deadpool mocks everyone from Wolverine and Beast to Captain America and that bloke who got his arm stuck under a rock in 127 Hours. And while John Wick isn’t exactly a screwball comedy, the does have its tongue placed firmly in cheek throughout, from the reason for John’s bloody vengeance (it’s just a puppy people!) to the villain’s AMAZING reaction when he discovers who his son has pi**ed off. Leitch gets it, and with originals screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick returning to script the sequel, the objectional jokes should come thick and fast.

3. He’s Got Superhero Skills

Wick is basically a superhero, minus the cape and tights.

From The Wolverine to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Captain America: Civil War, David Leitch has worked on his fair share of superhero movies. But perhaps more relevant is the fact that his directing debut pretty much is a superhero movie, only without the cape and tights. John Wick is practically super-human, the man getting punched, stabbed and shot during proceedings, but never staying down. He fires his many, many, many guns with an accuracy that would put Deadshot to shame. John’s beautifully tailored jet-black three-piece suits are like a superhero costume, only one that’s been designed Armani. And he has a nickname that’s basically a superhero (or villain’s) alter-ego – Baba Yega – which translates as The Boogeyman. David Leitch has basically made a superhero movie, and a kick-ass one at that.

So for those three distinct reasons, we think the Deadpool franchise is in safe hands, and we can’t wait to see what David Leitch brings to proceedings when the film hits screens in (very probably) 2018.

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