SDCC 2017: A Guide to Everything ‘Star Wars’ at Comic-Con

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[Update:] And that’s a wrap on Comic-Con 2017! Here are some of FANDOM’s Star Wars highlights from the show:

[Original article:] There won’t be a panel for The Last Jedi at Comic-Con this year, but there’s still a lot of fun Star Wars fans can have at the show. Here’s a look at everything Star Wars happening at Comic-Con 2017.

Lucasfilm is focusing totally on their booth in the Comic-Con exhibit hall.

Instead of bringing Star Wars panels and talent to the convention, Lucasfilm is focusing 100% on their space on the show floor. And it’s more than just a booth. Lucasfilm’s setup is typically a massive pavilion with kiosks for various licensees to hock their merch.

In past year’s we’ve even seen costumes and props from upcoming Star Wars movies on display. So, does this mean they’re going even bigger this year? We’ll have to wait and see, but fingers crossed.

Friday will still be “Star Wars Day” at Comic-Con.

If that’s not enough of a silver lining for you, take heart that Friday, July 21 will still be somewhat dedicated to Star Wars at Comic-Con. Room 7AB will cover the popular franchise full force (get it?), with twelve different panels throughout the day.

The panels kick off at 10 a.m. with a Star Wars collectibles update with Lucasfilm’s Brian Merten and Dolly Ahluwalia. Hasbro has been known to reveal upcoming Star Wars toys in their 1 p.m. presentation, too. We’re expecting a look at some The Last Jedi vehicles, playsets, and action figures.

Midday features a panel from Lucasfilm Publishers, where guests will talk about new Star Wars stories in print. Following that are a series of enlightening panels on everything ranging from the science of Star Wars (2:00 p.m.) to analyzing the dysfunctional Skywalker family (7:00 p.m.).

Perhaps in the most unusual panel, real life court judges will debate some of Star Wars’ biggest controversies, like is the Dark Side an addiction or a choice for Kylo Ren? Be sure to join that one at 3:00 p.m.

Exclusive Star Wars merch on the show floor.

The Comic-Con show floor is where you want to be if you’re looking for the hottest Star Wars exclusives. From clothing to action figures to pet accessories, you’ll find tons of amazing Star Wars merch at SDCC that you can’t find anywhere else.

Highlights include a Supreme Leader Snoke 6″ POP! from Funko, a T-70 X-Wing Fighter Keepsake Ornament from Hallmark (booth 2913-R), and signed copies of the novel Star Wars Battlefront II: Inferno Squad available at the Del Rey booth (2913-F). has the full list.

The first-ever FANDOM Fest, a partnership between FANDOM and Pepsi, is running every day of SDCC to bring you live news reactions, exclusive panels, quiz shows, and more. Watch online or visit in-person at the Petco Interactive Zone, where you can also enjoy free food inspired by your favorite movies and TV shows — and paired with an ice-cold Pepsi — at the FANDOM Fantasy Food Truck. Check out the full schedule of events here.

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