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2016 Fandom Teen Awards

Step aside, adults: Between the explosive popularity of Young Adult novels and the current crop of TV hits on The CW — not to mention countless other franchises across the entertainment landscape — teens rule pop culture. Now it’s time to find out which of these pop culture teens rule supreme by pitting them against each other in the very first Fandom Teen Awards.

We’ve created 10 teen-centric categories for you to cast your votes. So vote now and support your favorite shows — and don’t forget to get your friends to vote too!

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Therese Bataclan

Therese is a staff contributor at Fandom. She's a first generation Filipino American with a French name, and eventually wants to live out her days in a Japanese village surrounded by Scottish Folds. To her, the true sign of adulthood is owning a pair of stackable washer / dryer units with the see-through glass, and cannot be held accountable for her actions until then.

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