2015 Game Holiday Event Roundup

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‘Twas the month of December, and all through the land

Game developers were making their holiday plans.

With cold winter snowscapes, decorations and gifts

They were hoping to give their player numbers a lift.

These events across Azeroth, Norrath and Tamriel

All had names such as Snowdown, and of course Winter Veil.

So gather round closely, as we list what to play

In your time off at home for this year’s holidays.

World of Warcraft | Hearthstone | Heroes of the Storm


When: Dec. 9 – Jan. 6

The Feast of Winter Veil is one of the biggest, most elaborate annual events in World of Warcraft that has been a part of the game since nearly the beginning. In fact, the event has grown so large, it’s spilled over into Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm.

WoW players can visit Greatfather Winter in Orgrimmar (For the Horde!) or Ironforge, take on new quests, rescue Metzen the Reindeer, change their character into a Little Helper, kiss under the mistletoe, and earn pets, toys, consumables, and unique holiday recipes.

In Hearthstone, festive decorations can be seen on every game board. and heros will sport a unique holiday emote. There’re also a few other unannounced surprises Blizzard has in store, so bundle up, head to the Hearthstone tavern, and pull up a chair for a few rounds.

Greatfather Winter is also planning a visit to the Nexus of Heroes of the Storm, and he’s bringing presents and a new Special Event Quest — 30 Days of Winter Veil — where you can unlock up to two weeks of Stimpack time just by playing the game. There’s also a new, free Festive Treasure Goblin mount decked out in Greatfather Winter’s robes, complete with candy canes, bells, and bows. For those willing to put down some real-world money in the shop, holiday skins and mounts are available for 50 percent off.

Everquest 2


When: Dec. 10 – Jan. 6

Santa Glug has returned to Norrath! Now in its 10th year, the Frostfell event takes place in the  Frostfell Wonderland Village – a colorful holiday-themed land which includes quests, tradeable gifts, gear, crafting recipes, and activities such as the Great Candy (Cane) Race! Additions for this year’s event include seven new tradeable gifts, 28 new armor pieces, three new crafting books, and for players who purchase the Terrors of Thalumbra expansion, a new Quest Series: “Deepice Dreams.”


Final Fantasy XIV – Heavensward

When: Dec. 18 – Dec. 31

The Starlight Celebration returns to Eorzea! Watch the video above to see how a few of your favorite Final Fantasy XIV characters are spending their holidays celebrating. Then, log into the game so you can participate in the fun, and help a reporter for the Harbor Herald determine what is amiss with in this year’s celebration with the new “For Whom the Starlight Bell Tolls” quest. Once you wrap that up – no pun intended – check out the holiday gear and decorations only available during the event.

Grand Theft Auto Online


When: Dec. 21 – Jan. 5

Happy <bleeping> Holidays, Los Santos! Celebrate in style with a new collection of seasonal clothes and accessories, including Santa outfits and snuggly PJ’s, and a selection of festive masks. Then, trick out your ride with one of three holiday-themed horns and cruise on down to Legion Square to check out the Christmas Trees. Or stay at home and admire your own, as they appear in all owned Apartments, Stilt Houses, and Yachts. All of the attire from previous Grant Theft Auto Online holiday events will also be available again for a limited time. It may be a good idea to put on some cold weather gear, as the forecast calls for some freak snowstorms in the Los Santos area, which means one thing: SNOWBALL FIGHTS!

League of Legends

When: Dec. 10 – Jan. 7

League of Legends celebrates Snowdown, a seasonal event that commemorates the passing of one year to the next. This year’s celebration brings Snow Day skins for several summoners, icons, a penguin skier ward, Snowdown-themed minions, mystery boxes, and — perhaps the most significant addition — the featured game mode “The Legend of the Poro King.”

Marvel Heroes


When: Dec. 13th – 24th

Aspiring super heroes can look forward to the 12 Days of Winter Festivities event. Players can celebrate the holidays with daily gifts, boosts, free currency, rare items, mystery boxes, a special Holiday Groot Team-Up, and more!



When: Dec. 17 – Jan. 7

With a name like Neverwinter, you’d be right in assuming the developers at Cryptic Studios have this whole winter thing down. In the free-to-play action MMORPG based in the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms campaign setting, the Simril Festival returns to the village of Twilight Tor to celebrate the Lights of Simril. Players can share gifts and treats, receive fortune buffs, go ice fishing, compete in slalom races, and help fight off the demon threat attempting to bring the festival to a premature end.



When: Dec. 10 – Jan. 6

Grandfather Frost and the Fae celebrate the season by spreading decorations, cheer, and a bit of mischief across Telara. The Fae Yule story includes special quests and zone events, as well as Dimension items and other holiday gifts for the Ascended to collect! This year’s additions include new Instant Adventures in Iron Pike Peaks, a new Minion quest line, and a new Sparkle Quest.



When: Nov. 30 – Jan. 11

RuneScape kicks off the season in style with a month-long festive celebration, including a multi-part holiday quest, Winter Weekends that grant bonus XP and rewards, community events, activities, cosmetic items, and an Advent Calendar that rewards players with gifts each day. The event also introduces Douglas, a new festive pet tree topped with tinsel and decorated with presents.

Star Wars: The Old Republic


When: Dec. 15 – Jan. 5

Have you ever thought to yourself that what Episode V needed was a good old-fashioned snowball fight scene? Star Wars: The Old Republic makes that a reality. As part of the Life Day event, players can participate in snowball fights and a special mission where you’re required to cool down overheating Parcel Droids with a limited-time Snowball Bomb item. Life Day also features special in-game awards and shop items, including decorations, mounts, achievements, gear, and a unique “Holiday Hero” title.



When: Dec. 16 – Jan. 1

Wildstar certainly wins the title for longest holiday event name with Protostar’s Gala Winterfest Extravaganza. This Protostar Corporation-sponsored celebration of the more consumerist aspects of the season brings festive decorations to both capital cities, as well as an in-game location unique to the event: the glorious Protostar SuperMall-in-the-Sky. Here you will find all the toys, mounts, housing décor, and costumes you could ever imagine, purchasable with NCoin, Omnibits, or ColdCash (the currency you earn by participating in the festivities). Good thing Wildstar is now free-to-play, so you can save up and celebrate your consumerism the way the Protostar Corporation intended you to: by buying stuff!

Honorable Mention:


When: Dec. 8 – Dec. 29

While this is not technically a holiday event, it does run throughout the month of December, and you do receive your Sparrow Racing League quests and bounties from Amanda Holliday in the Tower, which has to count for something, right? Sparrow racing was one of Destiny fans’ most requested features, and this limited time event does not disappoint. It features quests, daily bounties, and exclusive sparrows, armor, shaders, and emblems, as well as the addition of horns to customize your sparrow and annoy your friends and opponents.


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