The 25 Strangest, Silliest Pokémon

Pokemon Games
Pokemon Games

The legendary Pokémon is more than 20 years old now. After all those years, there are more than 700 different Pokémon. That number is only growing with Pokémon Sun and Moon new monsters joining the ranks. The creativity in the design of these creatures seems almost limitless, leaving room for the cute, the strong, and the downright strangest Pokémon ever.

With a new game and more than 20 years of history to look back on, we’ve picked the 25 silliest and weirdest Pokémon the franchise has ever seen. Let’s begin with the newest additions from Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters


Don’t be fooled — you’re not seeing series mascot Pikachu on the list. This is Sun and Moon‘s lookalike Mimikyu, the Gost/Fairy Type that disguises itself as Pikachu. It even has its own adorable theme song.

Alolan Exeggutor
Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters


The original incarnation is certainly a strange one, but the Alolan variant sets an even higher bar of weirdness. The eggs at the top of the tree are perched atop a ridiculously long neck, all with the same doofy expression. Except for the fourth egg, which has migrated to its new tail.

Wishiwashi (School Form)

Pokemon Sun and Moon New Pokemon

Regular Wishiwashi is odd enough, but its “evolution” is even stranger. See, this isn’t really a single Pokémon, but dozens all collecting together Voltron-like to become stronger. Just look at all those fish eyes staring at you.

Alolan Ratticate


The Alolan version of Ratticate is known to have a larger appetite than the original form. That’s what leads to its rounder appearance and chubby cheeks. Aw, you just want to squeeze them.


New Pokemon Sun and Moon Alola Raichu

This Water-Type seems to only exist to gross people out. Pyukumuku are everywhere on the beaches of Alola, and are known to attack by puking out their own intestines. The last thing you want to step on while on vacation.


Magnemites are Generation I electric-type Pokémon. One of the stranger early Pokémon, they are living, breathing magnets that tend to cause a lot of power outages.


Exeggutors are Generation I grass/psychic-type Pokémon. Who knew that a bunch of eggs could evolve into something resembling a tree growing pineapple heads?


Lickitungs are Generation I normal-type Pokémon. Their tongues can extend longer than seven feet; need we say any more?

Mr. Mime

Mr. Mimes are Generation I psychic-type Pokémon. They are masters of pantomime, putting even talented street performers to shame with their skills. Just look at its dead eyes?


Smeargles are Generation II normal-type Pokémon. These inventive dog-like Pokémon paint with a strange paint-like body fluid created from their tails.


Swalots are Generation III poison-type Pokémon. These goofy Pokémon are one of the few that can pull off that mustache…thing.


Castforms are Generation III normal-type Pokémon. Their appearance can radically change depending on the weather outside. Who needs to evolve when you have an ability like that?


Drifloons are Generation IV ghost/flying-type Pokémon. They are known to try to lure children away, which is pretty creepy for how unthreatening they look.


Probopasses are Generation IV rock/steel-type Pokémon. After evolving from a Nosepass, their noses get even larger and sport a mustache as a bonus reward.


Timburrs are Generation V fighting-type Pokémon. They train by lifting logs around, eventually moving up to steel beams when they evolve. Sounds like they’d be great construction workers.


Scraftys are Generation V dark/fighting-type Pokémon. Their design makes it seem like they are wearing extremely baggy pants and left the house without a belt.


Garbodors are Generation V poison-type Pokémon. Who says that Pokémon can’t be a living, breathing pile of garbage? Sounds pretty unbeatable in a fight.


Solosises are Generation V psychic-type Pokémon. These cute little creatures are completely absorbed in a strange jelly-like substance, and they grow bigger and bigger when they evolve.


Vanilluxes are Generation V ice-type Pokémon. They’re the final evolution of the single-scoop Vanillite. The three forms of Vanillite are no different than small, medium, and large sizes at an ice cream parlor.


Klinks are Generation V steel-type Pokémon. They’re another everyday-object-turned-living-creature, it’s hard to imagine them not powering machinery in the Pokémon world.


Chandelures are Generation V ghost/fire-type Pokémon. Despite the pretty cool design, it’s pretty silly that their first form is a simple candle.


Cryogonals are Generation V ice-type Pokémon. These Pokémon are born among clouds high in the atmosphere. So… they’re snow.


Honedges are Generation VI steel/ghost Pokémon. If spirits possessing sharp objects is common in the world of Pokémon, it sounds like a very, very serious problem.


Klefkiis are Generation VI steel/fairy-type Pokémon. They are a living, breathing key ring. It never lets go of keys it likes, so be sure to keep your car key in your pocket when you encounter one.


Hoopa is a Generation VI psychic/ghost-type Pokémon. This mythical Pokémon uses strange rings to teleport things to a “secret place.” Sounds like some dangerous hoola-hooping.

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