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15 Wallpaper-Worthy Shots from ‘Uncharted 4’

Uncharted 4‘s Photo Mode is a powerful tool for creating immaculate and beautiful screenshots. If you want to use it, you’ll need to enable it from your options menu. After that, just press L3 + R3. The action will freeze, and you will enter Photo Mode.

Photo Mode is available during both gameplay and cinematics, but you’ll only get full control of the camera (orbit, dolly in/out, tilt) when you activate it during gameplay. Regardless, you’ll always be able to control zoom (field of view), focus (depth of field), brightness, color saturation, and more. The game also offers filters like “Noir” and “Blorange” to make your shots look more cinematic.

Here are 15 shots taken by Fan Contributors Travis Newton and Robert Mitchell that’ll look great as your desktop wallpaper! Click on them to see them at full resolution. Enjoy!

<a href=""></a> Elena, looking forlorn. Filter: Black & White
<a href=""></a> Drake, looking an awful lot like Liam Neeson.
<a href=""></a> Put this guy on a Transformers poster. Filter: Inferno
<a href=""></a> Swingin
<a href=""></a> That winch sure paid off!
<a href=""></a> Sully rides shotgun in Madagascar. Filter: Vibrant
<a href=""></a> Drake and Sully, doing their best Ezio Auditore impressions.
<a href=""></a> The lighting in this game is just aces. Filter: Warm
<a href=""></a> Nobody ever told him not to run with a powder keg in hand. Filter: Black & White
<a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-15933"></a> More Tarzan action in Scotland.
<a href=""></a> Dangling over Madagascar.
uncharted00013 uncharted00014
<a href=""></a> Rescuing Sam can be a real drag. (Groan.)

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