So You Say You Want to Watch the Credits for ‘Feed the Beast’?

The end of May sees the release of AMC’s latest drama and it looks like it could be an interesting one that gives us a new look at actors David Schwimmer and Jim Sturges. Feed the Beast is an adaptation of the Danish seriesĀ BankerotĀ and it tells the tale of a pair of chefs who decide to start a restaurant. Of course, one of them is in deep with the mob and bad things happen. David Schwimmer is riding high on the surprise success of his turn as Robert Kardashian in the OJ Simpson show and AMC has been very smart in putting shows out that find the gray areas to play in. This looks to be no exception. AMC just released the opening credits for the show. Check them out:

Is this the next “appointment television” release from AMC? That would be Preacher, but this looks like it could be a fun one that marries a few very successful staples from television: cooking and crime. Stay tuned for our coverage at the end of the month.

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