10 Times We Loved Having Spider-Man on the Avengers

Billy Arrowsmith
Comics Marvel
Comics Marvel

Everyone knows that Captain America: Civil War is introducing a new version of Spider-Man played by Tom Holland. The movie is going to have Spider-Man battling alongside the Avengers, something that has a long complicated history in the comics. Spider-Man was characterized as a loner for the first several decades of his career, which kept him out of teams like the Avengers. It wasn’t until New Avengers #1 by Brian Michael Bendis in 2005 that we really got to see Peter Parker as a regular Avenger. The 10 years since then have given us a lot of great stories. We don’t know if the Marvel Cinematic Universe is acutally going to give us Spider-Man on the Avengers, but here are some great moments from their shared history.

10. The Time He Complimented Everyone’s Posture

Spider-Man New Avengers 7
New Avengers #7

Posing is the most important part of a good superhero fight.

9. The Time We Learned He Thinks of His Villains Like a Family

Spider-Man New Avengers 4
New Avengers #4

I think we can all relate.

8. The Time Luke Cage Found Out That His Wife Had a Crush on Spider-Man as a Teenager

Spider-Man Luke Cage Avengers 001
New Avengers #53

Apparently, Peter Parker and Jessica Jones went to the same high school.

Spider-Man Luke Cage Avengers 002
New Avengers #53

7. The Time He Had to Babysit While the Mansion Was Under Attack

Spider-Man Babysitter New Avengers v2 2
New Avengers (Volume 2) #2

The mansion was nearly destroyed by the magic being Agamotto. That’s a little out of Spider-Man’s depth, so he had to babysit Jessica Jones‘ and Luke Cage‘s daughter.

6. The Time Hawkeye Interrogated Him


Avenging Spider-Man Hawkeye Who Are You
Avenging Spider-Man #5

They’re still a little sensitive after Secret Invasion.

5. The Time Captain America Got Him to Join the Avengers

Spider-Man Captain America New Avengers 3

It took years of convincing.

4. The Time MJ Reminded Us That Spider-Powers Aren’t What Makes Peter Parker a Hero

Spider-Man Peter Parker Made You Special Spider-Island
Amazing Spider-Man #672

Spider-Island gave us a New York City where everyone had spider powers, including the Avengers. You might think this would make Spidey useless, but then you don’t know Spidey. Peter Parker went on the news to teach everyone the lessons about power and responsibility that guided him, rallying the people of New York to fight back against the chaos. In the final battle, it wasn’t Spider-Man’s strength that saved the day… it was Peter Parker’s brain.

3. The Time Spider-Man Single-Handedly Defeated Two Members of the Phoenix Five

Spider-Man Avengers vs X-Men Colossus Magik
Avengers vs. X-Men #9

During Avengers vs. X-Men, five members of the X-Men were turned into insane gods as the Phoenix Five. The Phoenix Five managed to completely wipe out most of the Avengers, but Spider-Man took down TWO of them himself… and he did it just by taking a beating. Spider-Man was beaten nearly to death by Colossus and Magik until he tricked them into taking each other out.

2. The Time Spider-Man Stood Up to the Rest of the Team

Spider-Man Captain America and the Mighty Avengers 3
Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #3

Spidey has been treated like a newcomer for most of his career on the Avengers. During the Avengers/Avengers War it was really nice to see him standing up to the rest of the team and telling them how Avengers are supposed to act.

1. The Time it Finally Started Paying the Bills

Spider-Man Avengers Recruitment Hickman
Avengers (Volume 5) #1

After years of being broke while saving the world on a weekly basis, it was nice to see Spidey actually pulling in a regular paycheck.

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