10 Times ‘America’s Got Talent’ Made America Great Again


NBC’s America’s Got Talent kicks off its 11th season on Tuesday, May 31, and we’re all abuzz with excitement. Co-creator Simon Cowell will replace Howard Stern on the judges panel, giving reality television the hero it needs, but doesn’t deserve: a charming British curmudgeon with a penchant for making dreams come true.

In anticipation of the season premiere, let’s take a look at some of the finer moments from past episodes. From the outrageous to the heartwarming to the straight up weird, here are 10 times America’s Got Talent helped make America great again.

That Time Nick Cannon Trolled the Judges as Larry the Mime


Who can forget when long-time AGT host Nick Cannon pranked the judges by auditioning as Larry the Mime? After all four judges buzzed his act, “Larry” stormed towards the judges, then revealed his true identity.

That Time Neil Patrick Harris Was the Best Guest Judge/Human Being Ever


Who else would oblige a so-called professional cuddler live? On stage? In a suit?

That Time a Six-Year-Old  Sang a Metal Song Called ‘Zombie Skin’

Spoiler alert: It’s about zombies.

That Time Scott Heirman Was Funny, Fabulous, and Furry


The first (and hopefully not last) drag stand-up comedian on AGT had some jokes. And legs for daaaays.

That Time Mel B Spoke Unspeakable Truths About the Professional Regurgitator


What do goldfish, powdered sugar, soap, and pool balls have in common? They’ve all been swallowed and regurgitated by this man, Stevie Starr, for the sake of entertainment.

That Time Acro Army Took Gymnastics to the Next Level

Bend and snap.

That Time Piff the Magic Dragon and Mr. Piffles Did Anything


Season 10‘s John van der Put performed illusions dressed up as a magical dragon. Oh, and his hype man/assistant was a chihuahua.

Every Time Heidi Klum Made This Face


Which is all the time.

That Time Kenichi Ebina Became AGT‘s First Asian Winner

Ebina danced his way to the top, impressing the judges with his innovative moves.

Seriously, You Guys. Mr. Piffles


God bless America.

Head over to the America’s Got Talent Wiki to dust off your knowledge before the premiere Tuesday, May 31. 

Therese is a staff contributor at Fandom.
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