10 Best Episodes of ‘Space Ghost Coast to Coast’

Doug Trein

On September 17th, famed [adult swim] voice actor and animator C. Martin Crocker passed away. Crocker was a major force in the surreal animated talk show Space Ghost Coast to Coast, which aired on TBS, TNT Cartoon Network, and Gametap from 1994-2008.

Crocker played the roles of Zorak and Moltar in Space Ghost Coast to Coast, serving as sidehosts to Space Ghost. To pay respect to Crocker’s legacy and his impact on Cartoon Network, [adult swim] is freely hosting their entire collection of Space Ghost Coast to Coast on their website. Looking back on the storied run of this oddball show, we collected ten of the best episodes. Whether the script is particularly zany, or the guest stars make a huge impression, these are some of the best of the best.

Check out the episode list below. Click on the link to the names of the episode to give them a watch!

Baffler Meal

Season 8, Episode 1
This episode is famous for being the first introduction of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Space Ghost sells the show out to a fast food restaurant named Burger Trench, but the restaurant’s mascots, the Aqua Teen Hunger Force, forcefully disrupt the show with their constant jabbering and outward promotion of the chain restaurant. The bun is in your mind!


Season 4, Episode 16
Guests: Colin Quinn, Pavement, Red Green, Goldie Hawn & Tommy Davidson
This episode is absolutely jam-packed with guests, and Pavement only adds to the chaos. The band finds time to play bizarre noise-rock fits with lyrics consisting only of “Space Ghost” Space Ghost constantly mistakes Pavement for the Beatles for some bizarre reason. After interviewing all of the guests, Space Ghost saves the planet from a rogue dog named Fido. And who could forget the special cameo appearance of The Great Gazoo?


Season 4, Episode 18
Guests: Rob Zombie & Raven-Symoné
Macho Man Randy Savage completely steals the show in this episode. He voices the grandfather of Space Ghost (who really is just Space Ghost with a white beard slapped onto his face). He periodically interrupts Space Ghost during his show, before taking over the reigns himself. Macho Man interviews a very young Raven-Symoné, asking her such questions about whether she has ever piledrived anyone at her school. The episode ends in an all-out wrestling brawl between the cast of the show before Grandpa Ghost leaves.


Season 6. Episode 1
Guests: Bob Costas & Al Roker
A brand new product has hit the store shelves – Chambraigne! This shampoo is an ‘intelihancer’ that grants users increased intelligence. The product is even endorsed by Al Roker. Space Ghost becomes a big fan of the product, but his stupidity begins to upset some living brains who created it. After the brains stomach watching through the talk show, they rush to Ghost Planet to try and stop Space Ghost from endorsing their fake product before his idiocy exposes their scam.

Kentucky Nightmare

Season 7. Episode 1
Guest: Willie Nelson
Ghost Planet is bought out by a failing liquor store, who’s mascot is “Old Kentucky Shark”. Due to agreements with the liquor store owner, Old Kentucky Shark must be featured heavily throughout the talk show, and Space Ghost asks plenty of questions in regards to this liquor. Later on, a crazed bear shows up and throws the entire show into disarray. We also catch a few quick glimpses of Space Ghost’s documentary series about Sharks and Bears (Nature’s Best Friends). Later on, the studio is overrun by killer bees after the crew feels the need to ‘crack a window’.


Season 4, Episode 2
Bob Odenkirk and David Cross
Mr. Show duo Bob Odenkirk and David Cross visit the show and Space Ghost introduces a brand new segment called “Space Time Quiz Fun 9000”. Space Ghost asks the guests a variety of questions, including what their super powers are. Turns out, David Cross’ super power is he can detect when people are in trouble from far away, but has no way of getting to them quickly. Bob’s super power is craving sweets. The Quiz Time segment results in a bunch of rapid fire questions, as a result, Bob Odenkirk becomes addicted to Space Ghost’s power band blasts.


Season 2, Episode 7
Guests: Hulk Hogan & Slash
As Space Ghost, Moltar, and Zorak wait for the show to start, they spew some haikus before the opening credits. Hulk Hogan is the first guest, and Space Ghost is overly concerned whether he is getting enough oxygen. The two of them start debating on who’s the strongest person in the Turner organization – Ted Turner or Hulk Hogan. Later on, Zorak and Moltar improvise guitar solos with their mouths.


Season 3, Episode 10
Guests: James Hetfield & Kirk Hammett (Metallica)
The second part of a two-part story arc, Moltar is on the run and his role is filled in by the bumbling Tansit. Tansit’s inability to probably run the console leads to nonstop hijinks before the guest are introduced. The episode’s presentation is broken down into bizarre “acts” with no rhyme or reason. With two of them involving bizarre pregnancy’s that Space Ghost is shocked by. Space Ghost eventually grows tired of Tansit’s mistakes and fires him. As it turns out, Moltar is on a bus to Jacksonville.

Knifin’ Around

Season 7, Episode 3
Guests: Thom Yorke & Björk
Featuring blockbuster musical guests Thom Yorke of Radiohead and Icelandic singer Bjork, Space Ghost starts things off on the wrong foot by attempting to burn 100 copies of the new Radiohead album. Zorak and Moltar discover that Space Ghost is actually married and Bjork is his wife. Bjork calls into the show several times, asking Space Ghost questions of no real importance, and Space Ghost does his best to come off as the most inconsiderate husband in the world. Despite all of this, they attempt to get married again at the end of the episode before Space Ghost pulls the plug on it.

Fire Ant

Season 8, Episode 9
Guest: Conan O’Brien

Perhaps the most surreal of all Space Ghost episodes is Fire Ant, which guest stars The Late Show-era Conan O’Brien. After the interview gets off to a rocky start, Space Ghost is bitten by a small aggressive fire ant. He does not take this transgression lightly and vows to follow the ant all the back home so he could destroy his family. What proceeds is an 11-minute long sequence of Space Ghost slowly flying behind the fire ant, mumbling and humming to himself. Nearly the entire episode consists of this drawn out slow chase, before ending in hilarious fashion (we won’t spoil it).

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