How 16-Bit Games Inspired One of Today’s Great Punk Bands
Canadian punks and friends of Finn Wolfhard 'PUP' talk us through their gaming-homage music videos and how 'Mega Man X' inspires their songwriting.
Tom Regan
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What To Expect From 'Soul Calibur VI'
After six years of waiting, Soul Calibur is finally back. Here's what to expect from the epic fighting game franchise's current-gen debut.
Jada Griffin
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5 Anime That ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ Fans Need to Watch
'FMA' was an influential series that inspired many other animes out there, so here are 5 anime that every fan of the series needs to watch.
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Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Biopic Is in Development
Fox Searchlight is producing the film 'Flamin’ Hot' which will tell the story of the spicy snack's creator Richard Montanez.
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Everything Leaving Netflix in March
Say bye bye to 'Archer,' all the Jaws movies, Disney's 'Zootopia,' and more.
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What to Watch on Netflix in March
Titles like 'Who Framed Roger Rabit' and 'Life Aquatic' got us very VERY excited!
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‘Convicting A Murderer' Follows the Avery Case from a New Perspective
Netflix has begun production on 'Convicting a Murderer,' and it will offer a closer look at the prosecution's side of the Steven Avery case. 
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