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An MCU Novice Attempts to Unravel ‘Infinity War’
'On first impression, Thanos is an oversized malevolent d–head out to do galactic-scale harm purely for anti-hero bantz.'
Ben Hopkins
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Sean Penn Comes to Hulu in Astronaut Drama 'The First'
The series, from 'House of Cards' creator Beau Willimon, will debut in Sept.
Vanity Fair
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Lineup for 'Birds of Prey' Film Revealed
The villain of the upcoming film is a Batman character never before seen on the big screen.
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Edward Norton Throws Shade at Marvel Studios
'The Incredible Hulk' actor said he 'wanted a better script' during his appearance on 'Roast of Bruce Willis'
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'Mr. Robot' Prequel Comic Coming This Fall
Sam Esmail is developing a prequel comic series for his critically-acclaimed television show 'Mr. Robot.'
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9 Episodes That Prove ‘Supernatural’ Is Still Going Strong
From 'ScoobyNatural' to 'Wayward Sisters,' there's plenty to love about more episodes of 'Supernatural'.
Amelia E.
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