The New 'Jump Force' Characters Bring Even More Fun to the Game
The game's producer confirms that he's focusing on casual fun rather than pro-level play -- and that's fine by us.
Tom Regan
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‘The End of the F***ing World’ Will Continue with S2
Netflix has just renewed this YA series based upon Charles Forsman’s comic series of the same name.
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5 Movies Every Music Lover Should Watch
With great characters and soundtracks, these five films will fulfill that need for music movie feels.
Veronica Klash
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Arrowverse Crossover Dates & Batwoman Signal Revealed 
The three-show event will start with 'The Flash' on Dec. 9 and end with 'Supergirl' on Dec. 11. 
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'Battlefield V' Details Game Customization at Gamescom
For the first time ever in Battlefield, assemble a customized collection of soldiers, weapons, and vehicles.
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Deadpool Gives Honest Trailers an Honest Trailer 💀
Ryan Reynolds and Screen Junkies team up for the third time to roast Honest Trailers and 'Deadpool 2'.
Dan Murrell
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